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AIPAC: Stop Interfering in Israeli Politics



We suggest that AIPAC review its mission statement. AIPAC is the nation’s largest pro-Israel lobby and its objective is to support the State of Israel in every capacity. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu prepared for the upcoming April elections by trying to form workable coalitions within his government that would not only back his re-election but support his policies after his victory. That’s what good and winning politicians do. But two American, supposedly pro-Israel groups whose jobs are to be advocates for and reinforce American Jewry’s allegiance to the Jewish State have chimed in politically. Bad news for Israel and good news for its enemies. The American Jewish Committee (AJC) has joined forces with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to form an American Jewish powerhouse alliance to insert themselves into Israel’s political situation; condemning Netanyahu’s deal that garnered much needed support from the Jewish Home and the Otzma Yehudit parties, both politically right of center. Strange, that both AJC and AIPAC never uttered a word of opposition to the domestic candidacies of now Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, both vociferously Jew/Israel haters. But they choose to interfere with Israeli elections. Strange.

The AJC stated with reference to the Israeli situation, “The views of Otzma Yehudit are reprehensible.” AIPAC tweeted, partnering in agreement with AJC, “We agree with AJC. AIPAC has a longstanding policy not to meet with members of this racist and reprehensible party.” Before we get along with our comments we’d like to inform our readers that the AJC has linked with the virulent, anti-Israel, pro-terrorist, Muslim Brotherhood group, The Islamic Society of North America, to form the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council which, of course, will advocate for a fanciful partnering of American Jews and Muslims to learn to live together in peace and harmony. Leave it to a group of Leftist, Progressive, ideologically deranged Jews to sit down with overt Jew/Israel hating Sharia promoting Muslims to talk about stemming religious hatred. And, if you recall, when Obama initially unveiled the Iran Nuclear deal, AIPAC supported it although it was a death knell for Israel. So these two groups are our shomrim?

And just what seems to be troubling to AIPAC and the AJC about Otzuma Yehudit? The party is comprised of stalwart Jewish patriots, people who care deeply about the future of their people and the future of the State of Israel as the only and one Jewish homeland. Yes, Otzma Yehudit calls for the righteous annexation of Judea & Samaria, advocates for the cancellation of the Oslo Accords and champions the cause of Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount. Otzma calls for the increase in Torah and Jewish history education in all elementary schools and opposes releasing terrorists and advocates for the deportation of “Arab extremists.”

We suggest that AIPAC review its mission statement. AIPAC is the nation’s largest pro-Israel lobby and its objective is to support the State of Israel in every capacity. Its role is most definitely not as a political interloper or one that holds influence on the results of any Israeli election. The statements that have been uttered by AIPAC in the last few days are indeed ill-advised, especially during an election season. AIPAC should not divert from its pristine purpose and should remain cognizant of the fact that they are on the receiving end of the largesse of American Jews because they are politically impartial and righteously neutral as it pertains to Israeli domestic and foreign policy.

What we can explore, however, is the ultimate objective of the left-wing apparatus in Israel. From the propaganda based and fear ridden articles and op-eds that are now appearing at a fever pitch on the pages of Haaretz to every left-wing politician and media pundit crying “foul” over Netanyahu’s alliance with Oztma, we can gain a clearer vision of their long range plan.

The left has publicly supported and lauded Islamic parties in the Knesset, whose stated goal is to wipe out Israel. It is the left that supports throwing Jews out of their homes in Judea and Samaria for some kind of elusive and even suicidal two-state solution plan to achieve “peace” in the Middle East. It is the leftist NGOs that buttress the BDS movement against Israel and it is the left that wishes to secularize our culture and destroy our youth. So, let’s bear that in mind when throwing around the “racism” card.

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