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Lara Logan Speaks Truth About Media, Backed By Sean Spicer




Television journalist Lara Logan did something that most don’t dare to do when she took on the mainstream media and the narratives they like to push in generally one direction.

By: Catherine Printz

She accused her fellow reporters of being mere “political activists” who practice an “absolute horseshit” form of journalism. She even believes that media use these journalists as “propagandists.”
Logan is probably best known for her time as a correspondent for CBS’s 60 Minutes and for surviving a brutal gang rape that happened to her as she reported on the Arab Spring back in 2011.

She’s said before that she believes that things could have went differently and that she wouldn’t be alive right now if she were a little less fortunate.

The journalist went into more detail in a discussion that she had with the host of the Mike Drop podcast, Mike Ritland. Prior to the horrific rape that she endured at Tahrir Square, she already had to deal with being detained by Egypt, which led to her developing a sickness and dehydration, according to Breitbart.

Breitbart went on to argue that Logan should have received better treatment from her employer and that a liberal journalist may have gotten much better and more sympathetic treatment if put in the same situation. After all the hard work she did for CBS, including putting her life on the line, she didn’t even get an announcement of her leaving the network. Most people had no idea, making it seem as if CBS wanted people to just forget about her.

The former press secretary for President Donald Trump, who was with him and helping with communications since the campaign, Sean Spicer, weighed in on Logan’s treatment and her comments about media bias, as reported by Breitbart.

Spicer said that Logan was talking about how media “always talk about criticizing the media being a problem, but they don’t have a problem when they lash out at Breitbart and Fox News. They call them ‘conservative media.’ But they never call MSNBC ‘liberal media.’ They never call the Huffington Post ‘liberal media.’ Everybody that doesn’t go into the group mind meld that they’re pushing is a bad thing. Her point is well-taken. Think about this for a second: New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC are where you get the majority of Americans; just those outlets are all on the left. But then, you start going down even further, and you’ve got Vox and Vice and The Daily Beast, and then you’ve got the late night guys, Trevor Noah, Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Samantha Bee. All of those places are all pushing the same anti-conservative, anti-Donald Trump narrative. No one seems to care in media that it’s so juxtaposed against one person. That’s not being tough; that’s just a reality. The funny thing is they lash out at Fox, they lash out at Breitbart because they don’t like the fact that there is now another outlet, and they can’t continue to dominate it. When I grew up, there were three stations–ABC, NBC, and CBS–and you had to get up and read your morning paper every morning wherever you lived because that was it. There was no Internet. Then talk radio came out and offered people an alternative, and then the Internet, and the media, I don’t think, [can’t] stand the fact that the stranglehold that they’ve had over what the American people have read, seen, and heard is now undercut by outlets like Breitbart and Fox and so many others with the proliferation of other people and outlets on the internet.”

What Spicer’s talking about surmounts to information warfare, which is another topic Ritland brought up in his interview with Logan. She talked about how the media tend to have ideas in mind of how a story should play out, how things are supposed to happen. She believes that media would fit the facts to the narrative they wanted, bending and distorting as they pleased and as necessary. The media collectively disagree wholeheartedly, and perhaps that’s why so few people have the courage that she does to speak out against what she thinks is a major problem in American news media.

Spicer put things in perspective with framing around the White House. He said that media are making up false narratives by suggesting it’s typical for presidents to dislike media coverage of them. Spicer argues that media use these false narratives to excuse what he believes are attacks on the president and his administration.

“Number one, when you look at the coverage–and there’s been at least three or four studies from everything from Harvard to Pew to Media Research Center, spanning the gamut, all coming to the same conclusion that a preponderance of the coverage–somewhere between 85 and 95 percent of the coverage of this president–is negative. Now, that’s ridiculous.”

Spicer added that looking at the situation with the economy and foreign affairs makes it so “you can say that 40 or 50 percent should be negative to make it tough. But when it’s 95, that doesn’t jive with reality. Most presidents have been in the 55 to 60 percent range, which is still tough, but going to 90, 95, is ridiculous. The idea these folks in the media, their idea is that, well, no one is going to like their coverage. It is a false argument. That is just a flat-out false argument.”

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