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CNN, WaPo Reporting Mueller Report Coming Next Week



Photo: wikimedia

The report to end all reports may finally be coming, or at least some form of it could come, and maybe the investigation will still be ongoing in one way, shape, or form.

By: Kassondra Saincome

Nobody but the special counsel and top cops at the Justice Department truly know, but CNN and the Washington Post report that the public should expect a report by next week from newly appointed Attorney General Bill Barr regarding the findings by special counsel Robert Mueller, who has been examining Russian election interference and possible links to the Trump campaign. In almost any case, a report could contain key redactions and plenty of them, but things could start to move much quickly in a probe that many feel drags on at a glacial pace.

Reporting from these outlets suggests that the announcement is still not quite set in stone but that the end is drawing near. It’s unclear what exactly will be in the report, how long the report will be, what Congress will do from there, what the public version will look like, and how all of this will transpire in the best way possible, especially as the president and his supporters continue attacking the special counsel on a near-daily basis.

A few months ago, as the midterm elections were drawing near, the public was reminded about standard Justice Department protocol to be mindful of the impact that announcements and actions could have at certain moments, like right before an election. Similarly, the Justice Department wouldn’t make an announcement that it believes would be disruptive or potentially dangerous as the president prepares for his trip to North Korea to lead with dictator Kim Jong-un, who starves his own people and has executed his own family members.

The Justice Department and the special counsel’s office wouldn’t comment, as is typical.

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