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World Jewish Congress Sounds Alarm on Proliferation of Neo-Nazi Marches Across Europe



Marchers in Budapest on 9 February 2019 bearing flags of neo-Nazi movements across Europe, including from Bulgaria's Lukov March and Sweden's Nordic Resistance Movement. (c) Jüdisches Forum

These marchers spared no words of hatred or harassment of Jews, in a violent spirit of incitement, and yet they were permitted to exhibit their vile ambitions in the middle of a public street,” Singer noted. “This Saturday, February 16, hundreds more neo-Nazis from different cities will gather in Sofia for an annual march to honor General Hristo Lukov, whose movement supported the implementation of the anti-Jewish legislation and deportation of more than 11,000 Jews to their deaths in Treblinka. Every year, the Sofia municipality calls for a ban on this march, but every year it continues, now under heavy police protection.”

“These are just a few examples. Similarly dismaying reminders of Europe’s murderous fascist past are allowed to take place in Sweden, Poland, Germany, and many other countries, where Nazism is still and continuously exalted to the detriment and disservice of all. Let us also put into perspective that just a few months ago, a CNN survey found that a shocking one in 20 Europeans has never even heard of the Holocaust. How have reached a point where the greatest tragedy in European history has become either celebrated or forgotten?” Singer said.

“It is important but no longer enough for opponents of such repugnance to counter-march or protest in order to dim these disgusting displays. These glorifications of hatred and murder must be outlawed, across the board, as vehicles of public provocation and disorder, unworthy of permits and deserving of penalty,” Singer said. “We urge governments across Europe to prioritize the introduction of administrative bans against such marches. This is not just a problem of the Jewish communities, but of European citizens and governments at large.”

Last week, the World Jewish Congress released a detailed report exposing the undeniably antisemitic language used on social media by the ultra-nationalist promoters and participants of the Lukov March in Bulgaria, who claim to be not to be antisemitic. Nevertheless, comments left on its official Facebook page indicate a clear proliferation of Jew-hatred among its supporters against the Bulgarian Jewish community and the Jewish world at large.

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