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Arab Ministers Take Israel’s Side on Iran, Palestine Issues



According to a video put out last week by the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, top Arab officials voiced their support for Israel in a number of the ongoing disputes and problems with Iran and Palestine, in what is hopefully a continued sign that maybe Israel and some of its neighbors are moving forward on improved relations and identifying who the biggest threats are in the region, according to World Israel News.

In the video, people could see how geopolitical discussions and diplomacy are handled, something which usually does not ever get seen by the public. It’s hard to find now because it was removed shortly after being posted and appeared to be taken from somebody’s cell phone, according to World Israel News.

In fact, the person who got the video and whoever else helped get it on the site were able to share nearly a half hour of behind-the-scenes diplomacy in the making to the world. Officials represented Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. The event was in Warsaw and was centered around security.

World Israel News reports that Bahrain’s foreign minister, Khalid Al Khalifa, came across as the toughest. He made it clear that he puts Iran at a higher threat level than the threat posed by inadequate relations between Israel and Palestine.

Khalifa said “when we come to Israel-Palestine, we had the Camp David agreement. There was Madrid. There were many other ways of solving it, had we stayed on the same path. If it wasn’t for the toxic party,” he said while referring to Iran, then going on to say that the “guns, food, [and] soldiers of the Islamic Republic, I think we would have been much closer today in solving this issue with Israel,” Khalifa said, according to i24.

“We grew up talking about the Palestine-Israel dispute as the most important issue,” he said. “But then at a later stage, we saw a bigger challenge. We saw a more toxic one, in fact the most toxic in our modern history, which came from the Islamic Republic, from Iran.”


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