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NYC Jail Guards’ Union Boss Norman Seabrook Headed to Prison in Graft Case



Norman Seabrook is headed to prison for five years, pending an appeal, because of corruption. Photo Credit: YouTube

A New York union head is headed to prison, even though he once was the man who was supposed to look out for the very corrections officers who will be looking after him now while he’s in his cell, according to Vos Iz Neais News. Norman Seabrook is headed to prison for five years, pending an appeal, because of corruption. It’s a disappointing sight for those who knew the man for his work as a union boss who got results for his people.

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein told the court room how long he would be in prison, and that court room was packed with observers. Even Charles Oakley was there and got to hear her ask “why do good people do bad things?”

The judge also said “Mr. Seabrook, I believe, was blinded by his own sense of importance and a desire to benefit himself after having benefited others for so long.”

Seabrook continues to maintain his innocence, as he suggested when asked about his lack of remorse.

“How can you be remorseful for something you didn’t do?” he asked in return.

The 58-year-old boss had his conviction happen to him back in August because he was found to have taken $60,000 in cold-hard cash bribes in order to move $20 million to a hedge fund, with 95 percent of that money being lost.

Jona Rechnitz, who was a witness during the trial, spoke about telling Seabrook about an investment on a free trip to the Dominican Republic, which later led to him giving Seabrook $60,000 in a designer bag.

His lawyer, Paul Shechtman, almost got the judge to agree to letting him stay free until the appeal process finishes.

Back in August, people were wondering about exactly what a certain GoFundMe account was being used for.

As the New York Post recently put it, “The crooked former union boss for city correction officers is apparently no longer accepting cash in Ferragamo bags — an in-law has set up a GoFundMe account. The account asks for $100,000 to defray family expenses “in this time of need,” meaning as the ex-boss, Norman Seabrook, awaits a Nov. 30 sentencing in Manhattan federal court on conspiracy and wire fraud.”

True, the move has been less than a wild success with scarce funds donated to the former boss. Seabrook funneled nearly $20 million in union funds into dodgy hedge fund Platinum Partners. This kind of corruption starts with something as simple as cops allowing placard corruption. Once people are allowed to park wherever they want at will, even with fake, stolen, and expired placards, and cops decide to not enforce these rules, then where does it end? Why not accept some bribe money here or there, is the way the thinking eventually goes.

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