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Attorneys for Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Pull Out of Settlement Talks



Attorneys for the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual impropriety have reportedly pulled away from settlement talks. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Attorneys for the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual impropriety have reportedly pulled away from settlement talks.

One of the issues is apparently who will pay for legal fees for the board members of Weinstein’s former entertainment studio.

The ongoing negotiations have been aimed at building a treasure chest of monies to be used as compensation for the female accusers.

Last week, Weinstein distance to himself from the ongoing discussions, according to people close to him.

“Since last year,” reports the Wall Street Journal, “lawyers for Mr. Weinstein, his former film studio and its onetime board members, the New York attorney general’s office and insurance companies had been negotiating what they had hoped would be a sweeping settlement of many civil lawsuits pending against Mr. Weinstein. The goal had been to create a fund to compensate women who have and haven’t filed legal claims. The parties worked with a professional mediator outside of court.”

One of the areas of disagreement was said to be exactly who would cough up the $12 million to cover the legal fees of former board members of Weinstein’s studio. In addition to these civil cases, the disgraced movie producer still faces civil litigation that includes a case brought by New York State Attorney General accusing Weinstein of various civil rights violations.

Earlier this month, actress Monica Potter went public with a claim that she lost a role in the 1999 movie The Cidar House Rules because she was not amenable to Weinstein’s sexual overtures.

Potter, being interviewed on WKYC, a television station in Cleveland, OH, said that Weinstein propositioned three separate times, once in London and twice in New York. On both occasions, she said, Weinstein was clad only in a bathrobe. She said, “I belted him. I flat out belted him… I really hit him where it hurt, so yeah, I missed out on that role because of that hairy pig… I didn’t do something, so therefore I missed out on it. I’m not saying the person who got it did. I’m just saying I didn’t.”         

Others continue to weigh in on the scandal. The newspaper Variety recently ran with comments from actress Juliette Binoche, who opined that Weinstein has “had enough” public embarrassment, and that “now justice has to do its work.”         

Binoche, who worked with Weinstein on movies like Chocolat and The English Patient, said that she “almost want(s) to say peace to his mind and heart, that’s all. I’m trying to put my feet in his shoes. He’s had enough, I think. A lot of people have expressed themselves. Now justice has to do its work.

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