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Being Pro­Life is Halacha, Phyllis Chesler is Gravely Mistaken!

Having read some of Phyllis Chesler’s articles in The Jewish Voice over the years I had grown to admire her, but after having read her recent article “Second Wave Feminist Icon: ‘Women’s March was a ConJob” (January 25, 2019) in which she wrote “Access to abortion is pivotal to women across the U.S, but I have yet to hear the Women’s March leadership address it except in passing,” I think she is an absolute disgrace to Judaism and hope to never see her name in print again. According to Halacha the sanctity of human life is paramount above all and abortion is all about the violent taking of human life (yes, a fetus is human and living). Are abortion centers where masses of unborn children are terminated (one million each year, 60 million-plus to date) nothing more than modern-day concentration camps? Is abortion where a fetus is dismembered not a cruel and barbaric way to end innocent human life? I heard one worker at an abortion center who witnessed the abortion of a three-month-old fetus say she cried hysterically as she saw the fetus fight the invading scissors before being ripped apart (she quit her job and now speaks out against abortion). Under New York’s new abortion law fully-formed babies can be butchered up to a moment before birth, and even babies born from botched abortions can be left to die. Is this what that charlatan upholder of Jewish values Chesler advocates? Does any self-respecting Jew think the termination of unborn babies in the womb is moral or is what Hashem would approve? Chesler’s brand of feminism is antithetical to Jewish law and common-sense morality. I have read and loved The Jewish Voice over the years—it is by far the best Jewish newspaper I have ever read—but Chesler’s shameless advocacy of the killing of unborn babies stains the paper and is not worthy of this great newspaper.


Shelley Birnbaum

African American Violence Against Jews Off The Charts in NYC

The foundation for another Holocaust is being formed and Jews are part of it just like they helped Hitler in his early days. Left wing rabbis and the establishment kiss the ass of our enemies. They join in marches to express their liberalism. IF you wish to call me a bigot, I could not care less. Jews are beaten up by black men and the black community and leadership is silent. Shame on them. Go into the black neighborhoods in mass Jews and show your might. Do not tell me rallies are old fashion. Everyone except the Jews are having them. Where are the police they know which neighborhoods are involved? Afraid of a riot. SHARPTON AND FARAKAN are having a field day. These anti-Semites say and do what they want against Jews and the media and JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS AND RABBIS ARE SILENT. I have many black friends on my sites who speak up for me and the Jewish people. Also many CHRISTIANS of all colors who help me. But too little. Christians are being persecuted especially the COPTIC CHRISTIANS and the world is silent. Muslims are being murdered by other MUSLIMS. IF WE DO NOT JOIN TOGETHER THE NEXT HOLOCAUST WILL DESTROY US ALL.

Look at the numerous attacks on Jews by African Americans: October: A 13-year-old says, “All Jews should die” and threatens to stab a Jewish man who stopped him from spraying graffiti on a wall. Another young teenager throws a glass bottle at a second Jew and spits at a Jewish woman. November: A Jewish man visiting from France is robbed on the street near 770 Eastern Parkway, mesivta boy is punched outside his school, December: A man is punched in the face by two assailants, A 19-year-old Jewish man is punched in the face and knocked to the ground, another Jew in his 20’s is punched in the chest.

Everyone should do what Bernhard Rosenberg did! He is a famous Rabbi, appearing on TV and wrote many books. Someone in his shoes would walk away or will not intervene. He intervened to help another Jewish soul in distress and was attacked and successfully defended! I just wish most Jews and many Rabbis were like him!

The irony is I have a bad back with two failed operations, 70 years old, this Shabbat my boys took me in a wheel chair to shul……however never again means never again….we must fight with all our might.


Name withheld upon Request

Fare Evasion Must Be Addressed by NYPD

Introduction of Fair Fares 50% half fare discount program for NYC Transit subway and bus riders with minimum income is just the beginning. Like other government entitlement programs, watch how eligibility will expand and costs will grow. For 2019, Mayor Bill de Blasio budgeted $106 million to assist up to 800,000 NYC residents with incomes under $25,100 annually for a family of four to qualify. Over time, income eligibility will rise to $30,000, $35,000 and $40,000. The numbers of eligible NYC residents will grow to a million or more. The programs cost will grow to $200 million, $300 million and beyond. How ironic, that with the announcement of this new subsidy program, the same elected officials refuse to deal with the MTA’s annual bus and subway fare evasion of $200 million. NYC’s shrinking middle class continues to pay at the fare box, including periodic fare increases. Elected officials are like crack addicts, addicted to expanding government entitlement programs. They all want to be “Politically Correct” using this new subsidy program as a vehicle to grease the wheels for reelection. Not a peep about combating fare evasion. District Attorneys refuse to prosecute fare evaders. This encourages more riders not to pay. NYC Transit has their hands tied, thus giving up enforcing fare payments. No wonder the middle class continues to shrink. How much can they put up with? NYC is well on its way in evolving into a city of just the poor and rich with no viable middle class.


Larry Penner


  1. All people should be speaking out against BDS. It took years to successfully take on the Christian religions for falsely labeling Jews as Christ killers, but the Jewish people persevered.

    Take on the Moslem religion in the US to insist that it reject anti-semitism, including the anti-Semitism of the BDS movement which targets the only Jewish state in the world, while looking the other way at all sorts of Moslem atrocities around the world.

    Lester Freundlich


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