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Trump’s Logic Behind “The Wall”



The fabled "Wall," to which just a few years ago, they knelt down in praise, is their weapon in the partial closing down of our federal government. Simply put, "If Trump wants it, we're against it!" Photo Credit: Twitter

The politically brilliant bands of Leftists in the MSM and Congress no longer need concern themselves about brushing off the claims of the mayhem and criminal violence committed by illegals to our country and its citizens, respectively. Since they won the House in the ’18 election, they rather, have deftly morphed this weighty slab of controversy into bogus arguments claiming that Trump’s intransigence in the Wall Matter is responsible for hundreds of thousands of our federal workers whose pay has been temporarily deferred, to sink down to live on the level of poverty. The more horror stories the better…..for the Never Trumpers.

The fabled “Wall,” to which just a few years ago, they knelt down in praise, is their weapon in the partial closing down of our federal government. Simply put, “If Trump wants it, we’re against it!” Be it a tax cut for the middle class, the movement of our Embassy to Jerusalem, cutting Iran down to size, the building up of our military, or even putting in a decent man of honor and brilliance on the Supreme Court, hate and spite transcend logic, clear thinking and the safety and security of the nation. The fact that President Trump remained in D.C. during the federal Christmas vacation, appealing to the Dems to sit down and solve the “Wall vs. Shutdown” controversy, while tons of elected Democrat officials caroused for 10 days in Puerto Rico, was censored news in the media.

We’re extremely concerned that this manufactured stalemate between the Executive and Legislative branches will continue until the next election, paralyzing the nation. The medical condition of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is obvious to us all. She’s extremely ill and to all intents and purposes, is no longer fit to sit on the bench. She has to be replaced now. It’s a surety that when she finally succumbs to her illnesses or resigns, the next Trump appointee will face a similar if not more harsh smearing than Kavanaugh did. It will be a disaster.

At no time since the Lincoln administration, over 155 years ago, has a president faced such outright hostility from the elected and the electorate. There are no blue skies in the immediate future for our land. The Democrat buzzards are circling, aided by normal citizens who don’t seem to understand that for eight long years, those opposed to former President Obama sat quietly without organizing marches through the streets chanting for his removal, did not have packed audiences viewing stage performances of his assassination, nor chuckling celebrities holding up mock images of his bloody, severed head to the glee of his opponents. We pray for the awakening of common sense, decency and logic to our nation’s people. Please, join with us.

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