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Harry Macklowe Soon to Erect One of Midtown’s Tallest Buildings



The New York City skyline may get another addition, and one of its biggest yet, because developer Harry Macklowe wants to put up a towering office structure, according to Crain’s. Photo Credit: Pinterest

One of the cool things about the Manhattan skyline is that there are so many different places to see it, all offering up their own vantage points. Whether it’s from the helix to the Lincoln Tunnel or the Long Island Railroad racing through Queens, there’s really no place to go wrong. It’s always beautiful, and it’s fun to get to know the most iconic and tallest buildings, especially when you have the chance to actually stand next to them in midtown. Now that midtown skyline may get another addition, and one of its biggest yet, because developer Harry Macklowe wants to put up a towering office structure, according to Crain’s.

A public review process should soon start that could eventually make the project possible. The entire project could cost $1 billion and span about 280,000 square feet, all inside the 1,500 tower. It will be across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral and “will be built by transferring hundreds of thousands of square feet of development rights costing tens of millions of dollars from the church,” according to Crain’s. This tower could even feature an observatory that spans more than one floor, along with interesting architectural elements.

The Real Deal reported that Macklowe Properties spend the last two years obtaining 5-9 East 51st St. and 12-20 East 52nd St. The development company is also reportedly looking to gain additional air rights and an equity partner to back the project.

According to the material obtained, the project, if it moves forward, will be designed by a “world-renowned designer” and will include ceiling heights of at least 15 feet and a grand entrance of about 30 feet high, The Real Deal reported. More recently, sources suggest Macklowe has clear, plastic, or glass-enclosures envisioned in his proposal for the exterior of the property.

The Jewish Voice has reported about Macklowe and his endeavors around the city. Last December was a big month for him when Phillips Auction House relocated to his Park Avenue property.

The announcement for the move was made jointly together with the building’s developer, Macklowe Properties. “This move by Phillips Auction House has fulfilled my vision to house the company in an appropriate home to allow it to more effectively serve the public and continue to create a strong voice in the art world,” Macklowe said. “The auction house presents significant and rarified objects here and internationally, and we are pleased and recognize Phillips as a complementary neighbor to our world-famous building. We welcome Phillips and are looking forward to its continued success and growth.”

As reported by Artsy, the new headquarters will provide a total of 55,000 square feet of space. Phillips has leased a floor in the building’s executive office space for its staff.

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