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Medical Nanorobotics – The Next Generation of Development in Israel



- Gold nanorods to find cancer tumors

From the dawn of time, humans sought to cure rampant disease and devastating illnesses. One can find that from the first appearance of the written word, soon thereafter, texts were penned regarding medicine and different treatments of illness known at the time. Even contemporary sounding ideas like diagnosing the patient, treating accordingly and updating our collective knowledge in accordance with the results had been prevalent in India two and half thousand years ago!


The research in medicine is quite astounding today as there are more questions than answers and new diseases emerge on a regular basis. There are people in the academic community who will argue that cancer, for example, was a disease that people suffer from much earlier than previously acknowledged and were just diagnosed incorrectly.


Others may claim that the increased use of radio technology and electro-signals that surround us in our modern daily lives is the key to the development of cancer. But, nevertheless, all agree that cancer is one of the major problems in medicine in the 21th century.


The current research in medicine involves two major aspects: diagnostics and treatment. There are another two main groups: operations and drugs. A promising solution for both diagnostics and drugs treatment are nanorobots.

Nanorobots (NR) are a nano-sized (10^-9 meters) particles. In a few possible stages they react with the environment. Thus, NR are injected into the bloodstream and flow there until they hit a place that triggers them. Such a process is called “targeted drug delivery” and reduces side effects we experience in drugs such as capsules.

NR even uses a less active drug as they deliver it to the right location on the body where the illness is and therefore more healthful than the drugs we have consume today.


This promising technology which should make you live longer and happier is still young and not ready for massive production. But do not give up yet as there are many good search groups facing the challenges of replacing the capsule drugs we know today with nanorobotics.


The Computer Science Faculty building in the Technion, also known as the Israel Institute of Technology. It is considered one of the leading academic institutions in Israel. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A leading place in the global NR research in Israel at Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv University and Technion University. Bar-Ilan has one of the widest nano-centers in the world in which they conduct research on many uses of nanotechnology. One of the most exciting discoveries is the use of gold base medical nanoparticles to find cancerous tumors [1].

Simulation of nano-particles in the bloodstream

The Technion opened the gate on its own nano-center in the early days of the nanotechnology research back in 2005 and has presented promising first results in self-healing sensors for diagnostic micro medical devices [2].


Israel is known as the startup nation in general and a leader in computer sciences (cs) in the global academic world. So, it is only natural that search groups in Israel would combine efforts from the bioengineering world of NR and cs.


One such example of compelling research published only in 2016 in a search group called “Mavrix” at Bar Ilan university is a software program which allows physicians to describe in a code-like language to the computer the treatment needed for the patient. The program provides a mix of nanorobotics in order to provide a personal cure for the patient [3].


Israel’s hospitals hold enormous amounts of medical data and are considered leaders in IT institutes, considering the size of Israel. The hospitals, according to the law, are willing to share anonymous big-data to help Israeli researchers study large scale problems.


If you wish to help the medical nanorobotics research and have an academic search engine (like Google but for articles) you can gain enormous insight into this fascinating and burgeoning field of medicine. is an academic search engine developed in Bar-Ilan University to allow search groups to easily find and manage relevant data for their research work. If you search for nanotechnology related subjects it will assist the site in improving their algorithm to find new nanorobots based cures. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


In summary, Israel is successfully establishing its place as a global leader in nanotechnology (one of the most promising technologies of the future) research and development. It is a nation that has committed itself to a strong academic effort, industry funds and government support. This is only the beginning. If research and advancements continue to progress at the expedited rate that they currently are, Israel is poised to be a dominant force in the scientific and environmental world.


(Teddy Lazebik is a PhD student at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel)







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