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Can Matteo Salvini Save Italy?



As the wave of populist right-wing politicians continues to proliferate throughout Europe, it appears that this movement represents an intensifying backlash to the immigration crisis and the French-German grip on EU dictates.

For Matteo Salvini, a 45-year old firebrand from Milan, a picture is emerging that has taken on the tone of historic and revolutionary proportions.

On Wednesday, January 9th, the Italian deputy prime minister and leader of the right-wing League told the media that if they can work in tandem, then Italy and Poland could trigger a “European spring” that could break the dominant “Germany-France axis.” Salvini is currently in the throes of forging populist alliances before the European parliamentary elections in May.

Salvini was in Poland on Wednesday for strategy meetings with members of the ruling Law and Justice party. The two parties share grave concerns about the egregious effect that the immigration crisis has had and will continue to have on the character of Europe. They also addressed the EU’s pivotal role in fostering the crisis through the implementation of draconian dictates. Case in point: The EU has mandated official quotas that require each European country (who is a member of the governmental body) to legally fulfill the terms of absorbing the massive influx of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere.

On a sanguine note, the Guardian of the UK reported that Salvini said during the press conference with the Polish interior minister, Joachim Brudziński, that the Europe that could emerge after the elections could bring about a “renaissance of European values” and “lead us away from the one that is run by bureaucrats”.

Speaking in the Italian Embassy, Salvini described the talks as “long and constructive.”

“We had very good and satisfactory talks. We agreed on the issue of border security and I received a lot of compliments from the Polish side on how we managed to limit illegal immigration,” Salvini said.

“There is a great historical challenge,” he added, “we have to counter the Franco-German axis with the Italo-Polish axis.”

Kaczyński did not talk to the press but his top international affairs adviser, Adam Bielan, said the meeting was held in a “good atmosphere” and added: “It was their first meeting and surely they will be meeting again.”

According to the Guardian report, Brudziński praised Salvini’s well-crafted immigration strategy, which has included closing off Italian ports to migrant boats. He added that the two countries shared common goals such as “strengthening borders” and helping to improve conditions in migrants’ home countries.

For Salvini’s part, he has established a solid partnership with the French right-wing, pro-Brexit leader, Marine Le Pen. In October, both Salvini and Le Pen said during a press conference in Rome that the EU elections would usher in a new era of “common sense” as nationalist parties rally to restore values, pride and dignity for ordinary workers.

This video was taken by Jewish Voice in the heart of the Italian city of Florence. As you can tell, migrant hustlers are hitting up tourists on s constant basis for money and harassing them. Today in Italy, there are significant numbers of Muslim migrant refugees and the vast majority of them pose a criminal threat to Italian citizens, tourists and others. (Jewish Voice Photography)

If the Yellow Vest riots in Paris have not proven that the Macron-Merkel is quite defective and utterly feckless, then nothing else will.

Salvini’s coalition partner, Luigi Di Maio, threw fuel on the fire in France earlier this week after he urged the yellow vest anti-government protests to “not give up”. He said the protests reminded him of the spirit that gave birth to the M5S and he is planning to meet yellow vest activists over the next few days.

As to Salvini, his meteoric rise to prominence in Italian politics began as a young boy when he switched his allegiances from the political left to the political right as he witnessed the blatant hypocrisy and self-destructive nature of the Communist credo.

Salvini has attempted to suspend asylum procedures completely until the EU agrees on fair distribution of refugees. EU leaders were beyond roiled when Salvini impeded boats loaded with rescued migrants from docking in Italian ports. In August, for example, he refused to allow an Italian Coast Guard ship, the Diciotti, to disembark 177 migrants in the Mediterranean.

Duomo Di Milano (Milan Cathedral) is a major tourist site in the iconic fashion capital of Italy. Each year it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the globe. There is virtually no adequate security to keep the site and the tourists who visit there safe. Italian police and government law enforcement authorities are woefully unprepared to protect citizens, tourists and other who visit. The authorities are not given state of the art armaments nor is their equipment updated. The situation is potentially dangerous and many fear of an impending terror attack. (Photo Credit: Jewish Voice Photography)

According to a report in Time Magazine, on September 7th, Steve Bannon, the former advisor to President Trump paid a personal visit to Salvini to interest him in joining his new Brussels-based organization which aims to garner big wins for right-wing populist parties in European Union elections next year.

On the topic of the EU, Salvini told Time Magazine, “I think that history will entrust us with the role of saving European values — from Judeo-Christian roots to the right to work, the right to security, the right to life. This union has grown too much, and too quickly, without common roots, only with a common currency. And so we are working to re-establish the European spirit that has been betrayed by those who govern this union.”

Salvini continues to fight the good fight in regards to the laborious efforts he has made to preserve the unique character of Europe and the sublime aura of Italy as a tourist haven and a cultural mecca. It is noteworthy to mention that the powerful populist leader has also boldly addressed the north/south issue as well as guiding the Italian government towards allocating the monetary resources to substantially beefing up their military equipment, including armament supplies.

It appears that monies emanating from the more affluent northern part of Italy are making their way down to the more dilapidated and socio-economically challenged southern portion of the country in order for corrupt politicians to buy votes and influence. Having been born and raised in one of the iconic fashion capitals of Europe, Salvini is keenly cognizant of the  paramount nature of preserving the capitalist structure while leading a campaign “with teeth” to effectively quash blatant corruption on the political scene.

Moreover, the government of Italy has been previously criticized for flagrantly neglecting to provide adequate precautions to prevent bloody terror attacks on Italian soil. Salvini has attracted throngs of people in joining his rallying cry to pursue the universal human rights mission to protect freedom, liberty, justice and individualism by standing up to those who would ravage Europe and his beloved Italy beyond our most hideous nightmare.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Paul Teverow

    01/11/2019 at 4:13 pm

    “As you can tell, migrant hustlers are hitting up tourists on s constant basis for money and harassing them.” That’s not at all what I saw in the Florence video. I saw one person who might have been panhandling, but not aggressively. In fact, I saw fewer beggars there than I did 10 years ago.

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