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North Bklyn Real Estate Spikes as L Train Shutdown is Averted



The good news is that the long-feared shutting down of the L train is not happening. The better news is that it’s great for North Brooklyn real estate. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The good news is that the long-feared shutting down of the L train is not happening.

The better news is that it’s great for North Brooklyn real estate.

Rentals were down in the increasingly trendy part of Brooklyn due to fears of commuting nightmares. But those nightmares have dissipated like early morning mist in the midday sun.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has accepted the recommendations of a panel of engineering experts that determined a complete closure of the L Train Tunnel is unnecessary.

The report – which followed weeks of extensive review and analysis by the deans and faculty of the Columbia University and Cornell University engineering schools – presents a series of innovative engineering methods to streamline the required repair work and limit the impact on L Train service, which provides 400,000 daily rides, according to an MTA press release. Work could be completed on nights and weekends only, with a single tube providing continued service in both directions during work periods.

“The plan has been presented to and reviewed by the MTA, and it has been confirmed that the report’s goals are achievable within a 15 to 20-month timeframe. The MTA still plans to implement additional subway service where needed, including on the G, M and 7 Trains,” the statement said.

“We appreciate the dedication and the analysis provided by this group of experts,” said Acting MTA Chair Fernando Ferrer. “We have a shared goal in this effort: to make sure New Yorkers are subjected to the least possible disruptions as a result of this necessary repair work. With the L Project, and all our major projects, we’re consistently looking for new and innovative methods, and the guidance and recommendations we have received today will ease the strain on customers and help us ensure we are providing a consistently reliable service.”

“The L Train Tunnel project gives us the opportunity to integrate technologies and methods that have never been used before in a tunnel rehabilitation project, putting New York in a leadership position when it comes to building 21st century infrastructure,” the panel of engineering experts said in a joint statement. “We have proposed a forward-thinking, innovative approach that relies on state-of-the-art technologies to rehabilitate this century-old tunnel. We were grateful to have this extraordinary opportunity to work with the MTA to lead the way in infrastructure design and development, and we hope this solution can set an example for other projects in New York and around the world.”

While the new plan eliminates the need for a complete shutdown of the tunnel, L Train Project rebuilding and improvements will continue as planned to address long–term capacity on the line, MTA said. These include constructing new power substations; storm and flooding resiliency measures; and station improvements, such as providing ADA accessibility and other capacity upgrades at the Bedford Avenue Station in Brooklyn and the 1st and 6th Avenue Stations in Manhattan.

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