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Should NYC Take Control of the MTA?

Dear Editor:

There is a simple legal solution to NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s call for City Hall to regain control of the NYC Transit bus and subway system.

In 1953, the old NYC Board of Transportation passed on control of the municipal subway system, including all its assets under a master lease and operating agreement to the newly created NYC Transit Authority. Under late Governor Nelson Rockefeller in the 60’s, the MTA was created.

Buried within the 1953 master agreement between the City of New York and NYC Transit is an escape clause. NYC has the legal right at any time to take back control of its assets. This includes the subway and bus system. Actions speak louder than words. If Council Speaker Johnson or anyone else feels City Hall could do a better job managing the MTA including running the nation’s largest subway and bus system, they have the legal option to regain control for management of both the subway and bus system.

It should also be pointed out that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio appoints four of the MTA Board members and one of the four MTA Capital Program Review Board members. A second member of the MTA CPRB is appointed by Bronx Democratic Assembly Speaker Carl Hastie. This second member just like the Mayors appointee is an advocate for NYC interests.

All Five Year MTA Capital Plans and any amendments require unanimous consent of all four CPRB members. Albany manages the MTA on behalf of City Hall who is the actual original legal owner of record. NYC has the legal right to change the management team if it so wishes.


Larry Penner

(Larry Penner is a transportation historian and advocate who previously worked 31 years for the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office.)

#BoycottAirbnb on Twitter –
Fighting Anti­Israel Discrimination

1) I cannot say i am surprised at the level of dissatisfaction you have with @airbnbhelp . We need more people to share the stories and maybe the company will finally wake up! or better yet we need a better alternative to airbnb so they finally lose their monopoly #boycottairbnb -SammyC

2) BUSTED: Despite drowning in scandals from AirBNB murders to false press releases, AirBNB just got busted with a “double dealing” scheme to extract itself from its anti-Semitism scandal. #BoycottAirBNB What the heck is Airbnb doing …? Lying, apparently – Tyler’s Real News

3) Or, you can enjoy yourself by lieing about your stay and having the host deactivated. Also, a host can have a felon check in making you believe they did a background check. Home tax raised in towns, lice, bedbugs, tricks using your place for hoockups. Many options #boycottairbnb – Scott Tansino

4) What are the alternatives to @Airbnb ? I didnt think I’d have the opportunity to #boycottairbnb so soon, but now I need to find a place, so I’m happy to be taking a stand against jew-hatred. – SweetSamaria

5) So happy to hear that! #boycottairbnb I stopped using their services when they started boycotting Israel. – Georgette St Clair

6) So funny to see your hypocricy–”creating a world where we all belong”–unless you’re Jewish, then we have different standards. #boycottairbnb – Amit Sappir

7) Vote with your feet. Just because @Airbnb institutes a virulently antisemitic policy, that does not condone criminal cyber crimes. Here are a few non-racist alternatives: @flipkey @homeaway @vrbo @HouseTrip @Tripping @HomeToGo @wimdu #boycottairbnb – Dr. Hasbara

8) Airbnb is a destructive company. It destroys neighborhoods and cities for financial gain. #boycottairbnb–Anton Hein

9) I here Costa Rica is nice this time of year; maybe not so safe though when you stay in someone’s HOME instead of a hotel. #HomesAreNotHotels #boycottairbnb–The Ryan and Joe Show

10) You’re a racist anti semitic company that chose to single out the only Jewish state in the world to take a political stand against. Will never rent an apartment with you. #boycottairbnb – Amit Sappir

11) #Airbnb on getn #political in #democratic #Israel, bowing to #BDS, caving to #murderous #Palestinians illegal demands: “Yes, I said no that I didn’t say yes, so therefore, yes, I said no, but no, I might not say yes, or yes, I won’t.” #AirbnBDS @Airbnb @AirbnbHelp #boycottAirBnb–Dudette

12) Great news!!! It’s time to punish @Airbnb for their racist antisemitic policies discriminating against Jewish people! @AirbnbHelp @AirbnbEng #boycottairbnb- Matthew_h27

13) Airbnb is truly an anti-Jewish company and Jews must not give their money to companies that wish to support movements like BDS that call for the destruction of Israel. Don’t boycott Israel. #BoycottAirbnb – Jewish Voice

14) Airbnb #BoycottAirbnb is going public as an IPO soon. I suggest that we lobby brokerage houses not to underwrite the biased and prejudiced company – Steve Lokan

15) #boycottairbnb – Seems like the leftist agenda has prevailed with Airbnb. Such anti-Israel NGOs as Human Rights Watch and their funder, the New Israel Fund were able to convince Airbnb to boycott Jews – Bad move! – Casey Smorine

16) What was the exact role that Chris Lahane played in this ban of Jewish hosts in Israel? He was a former Clinton fixer and flunky # BoycottAirbnb – Don_96sboxsbox

17) If Airbnb thinks that isolating Jews is going to bring them more business then they are in for a rude awakening # BoycottAirbnb–Crazey_Joe-Gallipoli54

18) Hey folks. #BoycottAirbnb–because there is no choice. Either truth, righteousness or corruption – Andrea_3956

19) What duplicitous jerks the folks at #Airbnb are. They won’t condemn countries that have real human rights abuses but picks on Israel–#BoycottAirbnb – Jenny.12

20) Anti-Semitism pure and simple at #Airbnb. They cannot justify their despicable actions of singling out Jews for persecution, no matter what they say–#BoycottAirbnb – ElmerGansky_9997

21) Who has filed a discrimination lawsuit against #Airbnb? I think they should be sued for big bucks – up the wazoo–#BoycottAirbnb – [email protected]

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