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Is America Ready for 2019?



Lots of challenges face our national security establishment in 2019! Needless to say, many good and bad things can happen. So here are 10 to ponder as we begin the new year.

Projections: Number 1, the Trump Administration will get a large part of its Wall/Fence to protect us from an invasion through our porous southern border, by compromise or executive order. If the POTUS should declare a national emergency on our southern border and finally gets the $5.7 billion he has been seeking for a wall, his opponents in Congress will try and fight him tooth and nail.

Number 2, sanctions on Russia will not be relaxed. It appears that Putin might be preparing for some kind of military action in Crimea or elsewhere.

Number 3, a reasonable China trade and IP protection compromise will be reached. If a China trade deal could be reached that will bode very well for the economy.

Number 4, a stronger response is coming to Russian aggression in the Ukraine. Western European countries will be hyper vigilant about their own tenuous security.

Number 5, domestic national security issues will not get properly debated in a divided government. True enough. All responsible parties and voices of reason must weigh in on such a paramount issue as domestic security and its grave repercussions.

Number 6, non-stop executive orders will be issued to bypass an intransigent Congress. No doubt that the Democrat controlled House will exercise their obstructionist agenda.

Number 7, an Israel/Sunni Muslim “NATO” will be set up as a counterweight to Iran, but will not deter them. Iran seems determined to continue its role as bogeyman of the world. The rogue regime will dismiss attempts to thwart its power in the region.

Number 8, the Trump Middle East peace plan will be proposed but largely ignored, particularly if Israeli concessions are called for. Let’s not forget the traumatic experiences of the summer of 2005 in which territorial concessions were made in Gush Katif. We all know how that story ended.

Number 9, the North Korean and Iranian negotiations will be stalemated, as neither Iran nor North Korea fear the US militarily. Number 10, the Venezuela socialist experiment will blow up, sending 3-5 million refugees fleeing throughout Latin America, thousands of which will be Iranian agents and terrorists. Lots of wonderful events to look forward to! Best wishes for the new year!!

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