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Suit Filed in Bklyn Federal Court Against Banks that Hold Accounts for Hamas Terrorists



Banks that funded the kind of terrorism that resulted in the death of innocents are now being sued by families of those who lost their lives. The New York Post reported that the families filed suit in Brooklyn Federal court on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The three lawsuits filed asset that Blom Bank of Lebanon, the Palestine Investment Bank and the Bank of Palestine has been the bank of choice for accounts of different branches of the notorious Hamas terror group. The suit says that the funds that were in the accounts in these banks were used for the sole purpose of murdering innocent people.

More than 100 plaintiffs signed on to the suit including the father of Howard Goldstein who was murdered by Hamas terrorists while driving to attend his own son’s wedding in Israel in June of 2003, according to a NY Post article.

Howard Goldstein’s father, Eugene lives in Florida but was with his son at the time of the murder. He too was shot but survived. Bullets from the gun that was used to snuff out the life of his son had fractured the elder Goldstein’s shoulder blade and punctured his lungs, according to the NYP report.

New Jersey man Moses Strauss was also listed as a plaintiff in the case. Mr. Strauss was on a bus in Jerusalem in 2003 when the bus was blown to smitherines by a Hamas terrorist who was aboard the bus. He had set off his explosive filled vest. As a result, 23 people lost their lives in the brazen act of murder.

In August of 2015, the Jewish Voice has reported that Arab Bank had agreed to settle a litigation case brought by hundreds of Americans who accused it of facilitating armed attacks in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, nearly a year after a US jury found the bank liable.

The settlement was confirmed in August of 2015 by Michael Elsner, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, and a spokesman for Arab Bank. The terms were not disclosed.

The Jordan-based multinational lender was found liable by a New York jury in September 2014 for financing terrorism by transferring funds for members of Hamas.

Approximately 500 United States citizens had sued Arab Bank under the US Anti-Terrorism Act, which permits U.S. citizens to pursue claims arising from international terrorism.

The plaintiffs included both victims of attacks carried out by Hamas and other groups, as well as family members of the victims.

At trial, lawyers for the plaintiffs said Arab Bank knowingly maintained accounts for Hamas operatives and facilitated payments to families of suicide bombers and those imprisoned or injured during a Palestinian uprising beginning in 2000.

Arab Bank argued that it had followed proper screening procedures to checked accounts and transactions against lists of designated terrorist organizations.

Several other banks faced similar claims in U.S. courts under the Anti-Terrorism Act, including Bank of China, Credit Lyonnais, HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, among others.


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