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Who Will Fill the Vacuum in Syria?

Dear Editor:

President Trump’s abrupt decision to leave Syria is disconcerting, but six silver linings are emerging:

(1) The U.S. decision to seek Turkish help in fighting ISIS in Syria scared the Syrian government and Syrian Kurds to reach an accommodation in northeast Syria, to keep Turkey out.

(2) The decision jarred Israel into realizing that it is virtually alone in resisting Iran’s takeover of Syria.

(3) Iran is now beginning to realize that Syria will become a killing field for the Israeli Air Force, which will be able to strike all targets that are identified as threats to its security, virtually at will. This is especially true now that the IAF has a fleet of fully-operational F-35 stealth fighter-bombers.

(4) Any ISIS resurgence will be met by a vicious response by Syria, the Kurds, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, and Russia.

(5) America’s Middle East peace initiative, involving dysfunctional Israeli concessions, is now still-born, as no Middle East leader trusts the US.

(6) With Israeli stature rising tremendously among Arab nations, who are now rightfully fearful of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have a huge interest in strengthening their private and, soon, public relations.

So what are the implications for U.S. national security?

We better hope that the below-the-radar Sunni Muslim/Israeli “NATO “ coalesces into a fearsome fighting unit that can intimidate and ultimately stop Iran’s quest to take over the Middle East, as a base to take over Europe, Africa, Latin America, and then the US, as they have promised to do. If this coalition does not contain Iran, then military muscle must be used to blow up Iran’s nuclear sites, probably within two years. This will be the task of the US or Israel. Unfortunately, the American withdrawal from Syria sends the wrong message to Iran and therefore increases the chance that the US will be forced into a fighting war in Iran itself. Just remember, “endless wars” end when enemies surrender, not when the good guys surrender.


Ken Abramowitz


Outraged Over Cell Phone Tax

Dear Editor,

I was angry after I read through a story you published with the title “New Yorkers Saddled with Highest Cellphone Tax in Nation.”

Why do we continue to let the telecommunications companies completely screw us? This problem is one that happens throughout the entire country and is especially bad in America. The greedy telecommunications companies are one of the main reasons why America ranks so poorly in areas like access to internet and average internet speeds.

Having to pay hundreds of dollars a month for basic and necessary services like phone, internet, and cable is absolutely crazy. Try being a functional member of society and getting your work done for school or a job without access to the internet at home or a cell phone. It’s a ridiculous thought, and for those who want to add on television, they have to buy a preset package with a bunch of channels they’ll never watch, and the additional costs per month add up quickly.

It comes as no surprise that there would be a higher tax on cell phones in New York. Instead of allowing the telecommunications companies to have so much power and then tack on heavy taxes on top, maybe America needs an equalizer, like a post office. The United States Postal Service is in the U.S. Constitution, which is why it’s nearly impossible to get rid of. It has a mail monopoly and can therefore serve as a public option and make basic mailing and money order services available to everyone.

Post offices used to even offer banking, which should be brought back. There are post offices in every corner of the country. With that amazing infrastructure, the post office should be allowed to provide telecommunications services, as a sort-of public option. Instead of throwing all of our money at corporations like Verizon and further enriching their executives, we should fund a cheap and effective internet service run through USPS. Enough of us getting screwed by the telecommunications giants, one of the most powerful political lobbying sectors.


Kelly Rhode


Questioning New Educational Guidelines

Dear Editor:

I was recently asked how come our askonim allow the new education guidelines, which as was

recently discovered this week also includes a LGBT biased curriculum. The answer seems:

  1. Because we as a community have been voting for progressives that want

LGBT uber allies, including to teach LGBT way of life in yeshivas (which is the real issue).

  1. Because we as a community have not lobbied against all liberal bills including LGBT teaching bills
  2. For Chasidim flaunting teaching requirements that are not against the Torah laws, setting non partisan people against us
  3. For having the poorest towns in America, thus making the Jewish community tax

receivers rather than givers, upsetting the tax base that pays for us

  1. For making money for yeshivas the top issues, upsetting Teachers Unions and Public-School

parents, and also forgetting free money usually has strings attached.

  1. For making general moves that generate local anti-Semitism in certain regions of New York,

and not caring about eirvah.

  1. For not vaccinating children, thereby setting us up as a health risk, ignorant of science.
  2. For not fighting that yeshivas don’t have to teach assur subjects.
  3. For making the fight against Yaffed and the push for Simcha Felder’s amendment about yeshiva

integrity, and not fighting the real issue of LGBT indoctrination (Yaffed’s biggest ally in the city

council, publicly signed he is against yeshivas because they teach “homophobia”)

  1. For asking about stealing government money given for education, and then not using it for such. (eg: computers for yeshivas, in schools that don’t have computers)


Yonatan Teleky

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