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Subway Rider Woes Continue Unabated

Dear Editor:

As subway riders, we have to deal with conductors who close the doors while crossing the platform attempting to transfer from a local to the express train. Try looking for the proper way to depose of your old newspaper as more trash cans are removed from more stations. Riders have to deal with aggressive panhandlers, eating as if one is at home or restaurant, those hogging two seats, yawning, coughing or sneezing without covering up, the release of flatulence and acrobatic performers swinging from subway car poles. Women are periodically accosted by gropers while perverts engage in other unhealthy sexual activities.

Many have grown tired dealing with rats, mice and litter. NYC Transit should consider installing separate cans for recycling newspapers, plastic and glass along with regular garbage. Selling advertising on the side of cans could generate revenue to help cover the costs of more frequent off- peak and late-night collection and disposal. If asked, the NYC Department of Sanitation could do the same on the street adjacent to subway station entrances.

Many have long since forgotten that up until the late 1960s, it was common to find both penny gum and 10 cent soda machines dispensing products at many subway stations. It was a time when people respected authority and law. That generation of riders did not litter subway stations and buses leaving behind gum, candy wrappers, paper cups, bottles and newspapers. No one would openly eat pizza, chicken or other messy foods while riding a bus or subway.

Will civility ever return to our buses and subways?


Larry Penner

(Larry Penner is a transportation historian, advocate and writer who previously worked 31 years for the Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office)


Leaving Syria is Bad for US

Dear Editor:

There several reasons why President Trump’s decision to leave Syria is bad, with the exception of one silver lining. Number 1, our 2200 soldiers in NE Syria are advising the Kurds, who are fighting ISIS on our behalf. Our soldiers also protect our Kurdish allies from attacks from Syria, Turkey, and Iran. Number 2, the Kurdish enclave blocks Iranian terrorists and weapons from crossing from Iraq into Syria. Number 3, President Trump seems to have bypassed his own national security agencies. Number 4, President Trump is trusting the good faith of Turkey, which funds the Muslim Brotherhood subversive organization.

Number 5, the retreat will embolden our enemies Iran and Isis, as well as our frenemies Turkey and Qatar, as well as our adversary Russia. Key American allies were evidently not properly consulted and are now less willing to listen to US policy suggestions. Number 6, US enemies will become less likely to become afraid of US power. Number 7, the forthcoming US peace plan for the Middle East is now futile, as no one will volunteer concessions. Number 8, a highly emboldened Iran will become much more difficult to deter without military force. But there is 1 silver lining! The relationship between Israel and the Sunni Muslim countries will improve tremendously, as they realize that they must band together to fight Iran, as they can no longer trust the US to do it.


Ken Abramowitz

How Did Epstein Get Away With It?

Dear Editor,

I followed your coverage of the disturbing findings about Jeffrey Epstein and wanted to comment on your article titled, “Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Settles “Sex Slave” Lawsuit.”

Jeffrey Epstein has settled a lawsuit involving a woman who said she had been recruited by the wealthy sex offender as a sex slave over 10 years ago.

It’s hard to even get through that sentence because it’s describing something so sick and horrific.

Sarah Ransome used the law against Epstein and alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell in 2017, claiming she had been forced to perform sex acts in 2006 and 2007. But she withdrew the suit last week following a financial settlement whose size was not reported.

It amazes me how some of these power people can continue to get away with horrible crimes, or at least not be heavily punished for it. As we’ve learned from Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and New York Times reporting on Trump taxes, it’s apparently very easy to get away with white collar crimes. Ditto to the 2008 financial crisis and lack of prosecutions of bankers and executives.

But of course it’s hard not to think about how Epstein only went to prison for a little amount of time, despite committing terrible sex crimes against minors. What kind of a person is so crooked that he would be willing to look past Epstein’s atrocities and help him evade harsher penalties, as was revealed from great investigative reporting?

Sex crimes are absolutely horrible, and then you can’t really get much worse than having it involve minors. Kids. How could you allow a world to exist where kids can be subjected to such crimes against humanity? We should all be disgusted, sick and ready to throw up, from these crimes and the lack of proper punishment.


Rachel Fisvell

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