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President Trump! – Don’t Take Orders from the Butcher of Turkey



We don’t particularly care for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. We remember him all too well when back in 2010 he threatened war with Israel over their stopping the terrorist laden ship, the Mavi Marmara, that sailed from Turkey to aid and bring war supplies to the Hamas in Gaza. He is no friend to Israel, nor to our country. And now we find that his influence, for the time being anyway, with our President Trump, has led to Trump’s announcing his ordering the removal of our troops from Syria. We began air raids in Syria in 2014 followed by our ground troops moving in to fight ISIS and to train Syrian rebels in the wartorn country.  Trump claims he spoke on the telephone with Erdogan about a “slow and highly coordinated” withdrawal of US troops from Syria. “After many years they are coming home.”


We’re talking about a mere 2,000 or so, but we wonder how much thought went into this decision. A small contingent such as this is not a potent force, however, their presence is necessary to let the Iran and the world know that we have eyes and ears on the ground in that dangerous area. In addition, this move impacts two vital allies of ours in that area, Israel and the Kurds. Officially, Jerusalem said it would deal with the pullout and continue to defend itself but Bibi made little effort to hide his disappointment: “This is, of course, an American decision. We will study its timetable, how it will be implemented and of course, its implications for us,” he said as his domestic opponents claimed this “foreign policy failure” was of his doing. Evidently, this, to them was the result of his mistake of trusting President Trump. They belong to the “What have you done for me lately” gang. But we agree with some Israeli officials that this move was not a good one for Israel. It will give Iran the opportunity to freely move its forces to threaten Israel. Many will see this as a Trump mistake to leave Israel alone in its attempts to protect itself from the Mullahs of Iran.


The Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq will also be negatively impacted by the decision. The U.S. appears to be abandoning these people who have been our loyal allies in the war against ISIS terror. By deserting the Kurds, who share American goals in the region, we leave them to the mercies of Turkey who would love nothing more than to attack and slaughter them as they did to the Armenians a hundred years ago. As a matter of fact, the Turks committed a mass genocide of their own through the systematic murder of over a million and a half Armenians without any compunction. In short, we have usually agreed with and congratulated President Trump on his domestic and foreign decisions. This one, we’re strongly opposed to.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mike wahba

    12/25/2018 at 2:55 pm

    This is 100% wrong decisions from our president.
    We should send many messages and ask him to reconsider this move.
    Just a while a short ago Turkish president was against the US

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