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Harvey Weinstein’s Former W Village Townhouse to Be Rebuilt by New Owner



As a tower that’s planned to exceed 1,000 feet, such a structure would need an especially large and deep base. Unfortunately for JPMorgan, train tracks running to and from Grand Central Terminal lie beneath the proposed tower site. The deep-cavern Long Island Railroad station being built beneath the existing Grand Central Terminal further complicates the tower project because now even more infrastructure will be in the way. Photo Credit: Curbed NY

Harvey Weinstein’s former West Village home is practically no more, Page Six reports. The home that once belonged to the disgraced movie mogul is getting a teardown and rebuild from the bottom up at the direction of its new owner.

Weinstein was the lynchpin for the #MeToo movement, with grotesque revelations about his alleged reign of sexual abuse and extortion resulting in him falling from the top and facing the prospect of serious time behind bars. Weinstein’s hand was forced on the sale of this Manhattan residence on Bank Street and makes up some of the other properties he’s had to give up with a total estimated value of $53 million.

An anonymous buyer, hiding behind a limited liability corporation that goes by Cheget, purchased the property for $25.6 million last spring, which was worth about $10 million less when Weinstein and his ex-wife Georgina Chapman bought the house in 2006. Oaktree Capital Management co-founder Bruce Karsh signed a $20 million mortgage agreement, according to Page Six.

Anyone who knew what the property looked like while Weinstein lived in it would probably be very confused while walking past it now. Photos taken by Page Six show that only the studs are standing and that the place is boarded up and sealed.

Page Six spoke with someone at the scene who said “I walked by and just thought that all traces of Harvey are being wiped away. It’s as if he was never there.”

The Jewish Voice has reported extensively about the #MeToo movement.

Just over a year ago, stunning allegations of rampant and systemic sexual misconduct by Weinstein shook not just the country but most of the world, helping to spark the #MeToo movement.

Women want to be treated as equals, as human beings and not objects of entertainment to be controlled and manipulated by powerful men like Weinstein.

In the wake of the news, not only did more reporting continue shedding even more light on Weinstein and his other victims, but it led to a number of other high-profile men being outed as enemies of women, enemies of anyone with any sense of decency and a desire for fairness and humanity. The victims also extend beyond women, with a number of men also coming forward to accuse other famous men, like actor Kevin Spacey, of sexual misconduct.

In Spacey’s case, at least one alleged incident happened with someone who was a minor at the time. Even the president and two Supreme Court justices stand accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct.

A lot of the focus remains on Hollywood, an industry ripe for exploitation. While most Hollywood elites would suggest they are socially liberal, people like Weinstein were able to allegedly get away with serial sexual misconduct and all sorts of intimidation and retaliation tactics against women.

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