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Harry Macklowe Smiling Again; Philips Auction House Moves to Park Ave Tower



Harry Macklowe gets a new lease on life in the aftermath of his messy divorce with long time wife, Linda. Philips Auction House’s new offices and sales room will be located at 432 Park Avenue, the tower that Macklowe co-developed. Photo Credit: You Tube

On Monday December 17th, Phillips Auction house announced that it will be moving its New York headquarters, in the Fall of 2019. Originally founded in London in 1796, the company’s NY headquarters has been at 450 Park Avenue, off 57th street, since 2010. As per the NY Times, the auction house’s new offices and sales room will be located at 432 Park Avenue, on the very same block, in a nearby towering skyscraper. The building which reaches nearly 1,400 feet above the ground is known as the tallest residential building on the Western Hemisphere. The iconic building is one of the most recognizable buildings on the NYC skyline. “We are absolutely delighted to move our New York headquarters to 432 Park Avenue, the most extraordinary addition to the New York skyline in a generation,” said Edward Dolman, CEO of Phillips.

As reported by Artsy, the new headquarters will provide a total of 55,000 square feet of space. Phillips has leased a floor in the building’s executive office space for its staff. It will also take than 5,000 square feet of space on two floors in the glass corner of the building which illuminates Midtown at night, known as the Park Avenue Cube. Most notably, it will take possession of 30,000 square feet of the double-height, column-free underground concourse, accessible directly from Park Avenue. Phillips is proud that in the new sales room, the auctioneer will be visible from each seat in the massive room. “We’ve spent several years carefully considering the best location for our business and have seen almost every viable commercial space in the city for our new headquarters,” said Sean Cleary, Phillip’s Chief Operating Officer, Americas. “It became very apparent that 432 Park Avenue is a remarkable location and clearly the ultimate space for art exhibitions, auctions and events.”

“We have experienced exponential growth in recent years, and this move marks a significant milestone for our company, our employees and our clients, who will all benefit from the many opportunities presented by this expansion,” CEO Dolman said in a statement. “The new location offers a state-of-the-art exhibition space to display contemporary art, design, watches and jewelry, and matches the unrivaled setting we offer collectors in our London gallery in Berkeley Square in Mayfair.”

The announcement for the move was made jointly together with the building’s developer, Macklowe Properties. “This move by Phillips Auction House has fulfilled my vision to house the company in an appropriate home to allow it to more effectively serve the public and continue to create a strong voice in the art world,” said Harry Macklowe, Chairman of Macklowe Properties. “The auction house presents significant and rarified objects here and internationally, and we are pleased and recognize Phillips as a complementary neighbor to our world-famous building. We welcome Phillips and are looking forward to its continued success and growth.”

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