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University of Haifa Unveils New Campus in Shanghai



The University of Haifa and ECNU University of China officially unveiled a joint campus in Shanghai, the ‘Join Translational Science and Technology Research Institute,’ this week

The University of Haifa and ECNU University of China officially unveiled a joint campus in Shanghai, the ‘Join Translational Science and Technology Research Institute,’ this week. The new campus is part of the Zizhu International Education Park in Shanghai and will focus on areas of study including biomedicine, neuroscience and environmental sciences, the university said in a statement.

This is University of Haifa’s second venture in China, following an agreement last year with Chinese conglomerate the Hangzhou Wahaha Group and the Institute of Automation at the Chinese Academy of Sciences that will see the establishment of three joint artificial intelligence technology centers constructed in Haifa, Hangzhou and Beijing, with an initial investment of $10 million.

The campus in Shanghai hosts with offices, advanced laboratories, computer classrooms, seminar rooms, and personal work spaces.

“This is a happy day not only for the University of Haifa, but for Israeli academia and research across the board,” said Prof. Ron Robin, President of the University of Haifa. “International academic cooperation between two leading universities will contribute to the economy, image, research and development between our countries. We believe that our cooperation with ECNU will lead to groundbreaking studies in applied science, biostatistics, brain research, behavioral research and more.

The unveiling of the new Shanghai campus comes just weeks after the university launched its Lorry I. Lokey City Campus — comprising at least four buildings located throughout the Port of Haifa and the city’s downtown area. The new campus launches are part of the University of Haifa’s vision to become Israel’s first ‘multiversity’, transforming the university into an international academic and research powerhouse.

The opening of the campus, which will also house Israel’s first school of data sciences, sees the University drastically expand its educational reach and become one of the key drivers of regional development in the process, bringing in more people, jobs, stability and security to the entire north of Israel.

An opening ceremony took place at the University’s newly acquired, Dylan Tauber Educational Complex and showcased the University’s vision of becoming an urban university with campuses located throughout Haifa and northern Israel. The building’s facade is comprised of digitally printed glass depicting Israeli cultural heroes, underscoring the facility’s role as an educational hub. The Dylan Tauber Educational Complex, along with the Palmer Street (#4) building—allocated to the University by Haifa City Council—will house the new University of Haifa School for Data Science, Israel’s first of its kind. The country’s first school of data sciences will consist of three departments spread out across the University’s new city campus: Computer Science, Information Systems and Statistics.

“We are committed to increasing our involvement in the urban fabric of Haifa and with the opening of our new campus in the city’s downtown area, we are making significant strides in the right direction,” said Prof. Ron Robin, President of the University of Haifa. “Our campus will attract thousands of students who will be an integral part of the unique climate of downtown Haifa, which merges academia and research, biomedical hi-tech and a vibrant nightlife. The University’s vision is officially launched today and there is no better place to lay down roots than in the heart of the city of Haifa. At the end of this process, we will be a better research university, one that gives its graduates far more opportunities than any other university in Israel. We will be integral to the urban fabric of Haifa and the entire North.”

The city campus will also be home to the Tauber Bioinformations Research Center. Leveraging a donation by the Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, the Tauber Center will develop scalable high-performance computing hardware and software solutions for existing and future challenges of “big data” in biomedicine and agrobiology.

Israel’s Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett congratulated the university on the opening of the new campus, stating: “The opening of the new data science campus, in the heart of downtown Haifa, is an important message from the University of Haifa and the entire city. This is a step everyone will benefit from, both the students who will enjoy access to the campus and the area where the young population will breathe new and vibrant life. I am pleased to see that the University of Haifa has taken upon itself a mission to increase the social involvement of students in the city and invest effort and resources in making this vision a reality. The combination of quality academia and contribution to society and the State of Israel is the right formula, and I am happy to see how the University applies it both in theory and in action. This will be a successful year of study for all who come through the gates of the University, I am proud of you and believe in your success ”

The new city campus, funded by a $10 million gift from well-known American philanthropist and Business Wire founder Lorry I. Lokey, is a key manifestation of University of Haifa’s unique “multiversity” model: a multi-campus institution with locations around Haifa and throughout northern Israel, easing access for students and adding vitality to its city and region, while allowing a wide range of ideas and activities to flourish in a diverse community.

In addition to the city campus, the University has launched the construction of the Helmsley Health Discovery Tower in partnership with Rambam Healthcare Campus and the laboratories of the University’s School of Marine Sciences are already operating from the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR) building. The University also continues its advanced talks with the WIZO Academic Center, turning it into a design faculty in the German Colony. Braude College is to become the University’s Faculty of Engineering in Carmiel.


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