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Saying NO! to a Recount in FL Elections



Rick Scott’s election ratcheted up the Republicans’ advantage over the Dems by a count of 54 to 46. That really hurt them.

This country was turned upside down by the Democrats’ assertions that there was collusion of some sorts between Trump and Putin in order to steal America’s 2016 presidential election. They were wrong on that count but now it is evident that those same goniffs who were so concerned about the validity of that election have their hands deep down in the dirt openly attempting to steal the recent Florida victories won fair and square by both Rick Scott (Senator) and Ron DeSantis (Governor). Scott’s election ratcheted up the Republicans’ advantage over the Dems by a count of 54 to 46. That really hurt them.

Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis won his state’s gubernatorial race but faces opposition from forces that want him to lose this election through claims of voter fraud

The Senate is the crucial legislative body because its members have the power to ratify Supreme Court nominees and international treaties recommended by the president. The Progressives were panicking. Recall the pre-election circus scenes provided by Senate Democrats who unashamedly brought women to the confirmation hearings of now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, to accuse him of rape and sexual assault without one witness or presenting any corroborative evidence at all. You’d think they’d run out of their toilet paper roll of shame. No way. Now after all the votes have been counted and both Democrat candidates voiced their concessions, their party’s crack election lawyers crawled into the Sunshine State to contest the counts. Who’d have thought otherwise?

They already had their puppet, Brenda Snipes, in place as the Broward County Election Supervisor. Her usual handling of ballots, their formulation, machines, accumulation of and counting over the years replicated the antics of The Three Stooges. She had been found guilty, in the past of illegally destroying ballots, not mailing out absentee ballots, not maintaining the voting machinery, posting election results BEFORE POLLS CLOSED, leaving amendments off ballots, having staffers campaign for Democrats while on the clock, ballot stuffing, printing defective ballots, and two clinchers: opening ballots in private and having Democrat ballots cropping up way after Election Day. Clearly, she’s a doozy. But a problem to get rid of. She’s a woman and she’s black.

We don’t know, at this time, what the outcome of present and future court cases, revolving around this incompetent election official and her obvious willful criminal dereliction of duty will be, but remember this apropos quote: “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” And guess whose words these were? None other than the hero of the Radical Left….Josef Stalin.

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