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Pig’s Head Found at Synagogue in Central Israel



Worshippers in the affluent central Israeli city of Ramat Hasharon were shocked to find a pig’s head at the entrance to the Sukkat Shaul synagogue on Friday morning.

Eli Armani, the synagogue’s caretaker for the past 25 years, told the Hebrew-language Hadashot new site that “they called me from the house because they told me there was a pig’s head in the place, and I immediately came to see what happened. I was shocked to see these things, Eli Armani, the synagogue’s caretaker for the past 25 years, told the Hebrew-language Hadashot news site, Arutz-7 reported.

“Not a picture or a statue – a pig’s head with the flesh and blood on it. It is shocking that within us there is such a thing,” he stressed.

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home) condemned the hate crime, Arutz-7 said.

80th anniversary of Kristallnacht

“On the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, anti-Semitism is also raising its head in the Land of Israel. The ongoing incitement against the religious community in Ramat Hasharon was a stage in the form of the head of a pig placed in front of a synagogue. We have to stop it now.,” Dahan stated, referring to friction in the city between the local religious and secular communities.

“The placing of the pig at the entrance to the synagogue in Ramat Hasharon proves that the ‘Religionization’ campaign has turned into an incitement campaign,” said Jewish Home Member of Knesset Moti Yogev, blaming anti-religious activists for the incident, although police have only begun investigating the vandalism.

“My father, who immigrated from Berlin on the eve of the Holocaust, certainly would not have believed that he would see such an anti-Semitic image here in the State of Israel,” Yogev said, according to Arutz-7.

“The leaders of secular Zionism must do soul searching to see if they have not gone too far in their efforts to uproot the Torah from the hearts of their children,” Yogev declared.

Mayor Avi Gruber, who arrived at the scene with his staff, said that “police will investigate the shocking incident at the synagogue. And I am sure that they will know how to reach those who did it and get them indicted,” the Jewish Press reported.

“I will not let extremist elements create here a rift and incitements,” Gruber stated. “These have no place in Ramat Hasharon and in Israeli society altogether. Ramat Hasharon was one community and will remain one community – religious and secular, men and women, Ashkenazim and Mizrahiyim, straight and LGBT. One community, with a unity of opposites.” (WIN)



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