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NY Dems Gain Crushing Advantage with New Voter Registrations



New figures were released indicating that Democrats added 158,000 new voters over the last half a year, while the GOP only gained a mere 1,435 new voters. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

New York State elections continue to be a seemingly unsurmountable challenge for Republican candidates. While, the state is known to wave its deep blue colors, signifying its heavy democratic voter majority, new studies are now pilling on to the GOP’s woes. On Thursday November 1st, new figures were released indicating that Democrats added 158,000 new voters over the last half a year, while the GOP only gained a mere 1,435 new voters. All in all, based on the state Board of Elections data, there are currently almost 5.8 million Democrats registered to vote in New York, lined up against only 2.6 million registered Republicans.

As reported by the NY Post, this year the GOP had close to 41,000 fewer registered voters in November 2018, compared to November of 2017. “It’s consequential, the Republican enrollment dropped half a percentage point,” said Steve Greenberg, the Siena College veteran pollster. “Now it’s better than 2-to-1,” he added. Further, now there are roughly 2.5 million unaffiliated voters in New York, almost equal to the number of registered Republicans.

“It’s getting harder and harder for Republicans to get elected statewide,” said former Senator Al D’Amato, the last Republican in NY to win the seat. “It’s a very difficult, uphill climb.” Democrats are poised with an authoritative advantage in all statewide races. In the race for governor, the incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo is leading Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, 58 percent to 35 percent, as per the most recent Quinnipiac University survey.

The trend continues throughout congressional districts in New York City, Long Island and upstate. In the 11th Congressional District, which includes Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn, there are 6,051 Democrats registered to vote in contrast with the GOP’s 2,073. Incumbent GOP Rep. Dan Donovan has been outraised and outspent by double by contender Democratic candidate Max Rose. In the Hudson Valley’s ultra-competitive 19th District, Democrats added 6,142 new active voters since April, while Republicans gained only 301 registrants.

Democrat Antonio Delgado, who raised $7.8 million for the campaign, is set to give GOP incumbent John Faso a run for his position. The final polls from Monmouth University show Delgado has a slim lead with 49 percent to 44 percent. Similarly, in Long Island Democrats gained 2,444 new registered voters while the GOP lost 2,098. Republican Congressmen Lee Zeldin and Peter King are both confronting robust Democratic challengers.

Of course, President Trump bears the grunt of the blame. “It shows the Democratic vote is juiced up for this election,” said George Arzt, a longtime political strategist. “[President] Trump motivates the Democratic base to come out and they will be coming out in droves. If I was Donovan or Zeldin or Peter King, I’d be worried.”

By Ilana Siyance

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