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“Rent the Runway” Brings Fashion to WeWork



Need to keep up with fashion while at work?  The lobbies of select co-working spaces at Wework will now feature drop-off boxes for a clothing subscription service.  Rent the Runway Inc., founded in 2009, is opening locations in 15 WeWork buildings around the country.  Subscribers to the rental clothing company, who pay a monthly fee for an “endless wardrobe”, can swap their cloths for different ones as soon as they return what they have.  The glitch was the delay in shipping times for the return and the receipt of the new items. Now, the items can be returned at the new Wework location drop-boxes, to immediately open up the slot to select something new to create a “rotating closet”.  For $159, the online service offers unlimited outfits per month, with any four styles out at a time.  Alternatively, for $89, four pieces could be rented monthly.

As per Bloomberg News, the drop-off boxes will launch in the following six cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Washington, D.C.  Previously, the boxes were only available at Rent the Runway’s five physical stores. “We knew there was a demand for creating these drop boxes in other convenient locations,” said Rent the Runway COO Maureen Sullivan. “There is a massive opportunity to not only grow our drop-box network … but also to grow mini stores within WeWork.” Temporary pop-ups, with an inventory of designer clothes to rent, will appear at a few of the locations for the launch. “Our long-term vision is getting our clothing as close to the customer as possible,” said Sullivan.

“This is really just the beginning,” said Jennifer Hyman, chief executive officer of the clothing rental service. “We have subscribers in many places throughout the U.S. and with WeWork’s massive footprint, there’s huge opportunity to grow this drop-box network.”   WeWork has over 280 locations in 77 cities internationally.

WeWork President Artie Minson said the launch would complement the work amenities and community environment that their buildings endeavor to provide. “Future extensions can include the ability to offer access to inventory and fulfillment within WeWork locations as this ongoing partnership evolves,” he said.

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