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Hitler’s Remaining Relatives Living Secret Lives on Long Island



Some of Adolf Hitler’s last surviving relatives have been living quietly right here on Long Island for decades. In a small town with less than 20,000 people, few of their unsuspecting neighbors know their true family origins. As reported by the NY Post, three brothers Alexander, Louis and Brian Stuart-Houston, are great-nephews of Hitler, and the sole living descendants from the Fuehrer’s paternal side. The middle-aged men are sons of Hitler’s nephew, William Patrick Hitler, who was born to the dictator’s half-brother, Alois Hitler Jr.

As per the New Yorker, Alois left home at age 14 to move to Dublin and worked there as a waiter. He was not present as a father for ‘Willy’, who was born in Liverpool, UK in 1911. Willy caught up with his dad though, meeting him in Germany in 1929, where he attended a Nuremberg rally. When he returned to the UK, Willy began giving interviews to the press, milking his status as Hitler’s “English nephew”. That went on until a furious Adolf Hitler suddenly summoned him to Berlin. “What did you tell the newspaper? Who gave you permission to appoint yourself an authority on my private affairs?” demanded the dictator, as per Willy’s mother, Brigid Dowling. “No one must drag my private affairs into the newspapers. I have never said one word they can use. And now there is a ‘nephew’ to tell them all the miserable little details they want to know, ”squirmed Hitler.

Willy ended up moving to NY, but he kept on telling his stories about his infamous relation. He later joined the US Navy to fight in World War II against the Germans. Following the war, he and his German wife moved to Patchogue. They changed their family name from Hitler to Hiller, and again later to Stuart-Houston. Willy died at the age of 76, in 1987. His three sons stayed in Patchogue, but neither of them gave any interviews or divulged any information, even though the media has come knocking on their doors over the years.

Germany’s Bild newspaper recently visited the brothers’ homes in hopes of getting interviews. Both homes were adorned with American flags on the lawns. Brian and Louis, who live together made no comments. Alexander, the oldest brother, whose middle name is Adolf, broke his silence, responding to questions regarding today’s politics.

The 68-year-old told the Bild that he likes German Chancellor Angela Merkel and would vote for her if possible. “I like her. She’s good. She seems to be an intelligent and smart person,” said Alexander, giving the interview from his home porch. He shared that he and his brothers are devout life-long Republicans. He said he hasn’t missed an election for decades, and “I always vote for the person who does the best job.” He also said that he is not keen on the current American President. “The last person I would say I admire is Donald Trump. He is definitely not one of my favorites,” Alexander told the newspaper. “It’s the way he does it that annoys me. And I just don’t like liars,” he added.

By: Hellen Zaboulani

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