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Kavanaugh Probe = Assault on Values



The Democrat Party has shown its hand, the only one it uses….the Left Hand. And it’s a bloodied one. The recent Senate assassination gathering, falsely described as “confirmation hearings” for a Supreme Court nominee ended up being well planned smear campaign the likes of which were never seen in this nation’s now filthied capital. This land may never recover from these scenes of utter moral depravity. The sad part of it is that half of our electorate sees no problem with the actions of their leaders.

Shamelessly, the likes of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker a participant in this sham recently revealed that years ago he attempted to rape a woman. Yet he, without any corroborative evidence accused Kavanaugh of that same crime

Has the Democrat Party sunk so low they cannot see how gross and disgusting their behavior was in destroying the character, family and well earned judicial reputation of Brett Kavanaugh, who was blindsided by the accusations of brutal rape 36 years ago by (at this writing) a trio of women, all of whom with histories of radical feminism and ties to George Soros, whose testimonies so far are no more than poorly thought out fantasy accusations that would never be taken seriously in any other scenario? Shameful and disgusting that this man, whose blemish-free history as a husband, father, coach, community leader and human being were dragged through the political mud without a thought to the ramifications, not only to this man’s life but to the image of this nation, itself.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) is another ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Here we have the Senate, the upper body of our Legislative branch of government now reduced to the level of a third world nation’s Kangaroo Court. Shamelessly, the likes of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker a participant in this sham recently revealed that years ago he attempted to rape a woman. Yet he, without any corroborative evidence accused Kavanaugh of that same crime. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has continually lied about his serving in combat in Vietnam laid into Kavanaugh brutally, again with no thread of evidence to the candidate’s having every even threatened a woman. These Democrats all to a one, once bowed in honor to their long time leader in the Senate, ted Kennedy whose life was smothered in debauchery of women, even killing one while on a drunken drive in Chappaquiddick during a weekend of sexual womanizing. And this Democrat group is with a straight face, without any conscience at all, rendering judgment on the honor of one such as Brett Kavanaugh?

US Senator Diane Feinstein revealed the letter from Professor Ford about claims of sex abuse by Brett Kavanaugh

So, the party bankrolled by the self admitted Nazi employee, George Soros, is now dragging out women who would testify under oath to any fabricated sexual accusation against any individual selected by President Trump as a Supreme Court nominee is now a given. And we were once proud that our nation had a solid Two Party System. Sadly we have seen half of our well crafted Constitutional political system now discarded by the bloodied hands of the Democrats. We pray that it can be somehow reclaimed and restored. The only means by which that can be done is by taking it in our own hands this upcoming Election day and voting these scum out of office. Our Founding Fathers are now looking down on us, hoping we have that determination and intelligence to do the right thing. They are praying. So are we.




  1. [email protected]

    10/06/2018 at 5:19 am


  2. Daniel Danieli

    10/07/2018 at 12:28 pm

    The Democrats are the new Nazis as they are using the same “mob tactics” that the Nazis used to suppress and eventually kill the Jews. Most interesting who is the leader of this NeoNazi Democratic Party but none other than Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstrin and liar Richard Blumenthal. Ignorant American Jews will not see it coming but it is coming the rise of NeoNazisim in America and it will be lead by these same Democrats. People said it would never occur in America and I tell you that the next step is that these same mobs will start blaming the Jews for all the woes of the American people and everyone will start running for the hills but there will be not hills to run to and the slaughter will be in the streets for these mobs will not be carrying signs but knives and guns. Who will be to blame – THE JEWS!!!

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