There’s more to this Professor Ford’s accusations of sexual harassment by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, than merely a Democrat attack on a Trump appointee.
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The Political War on Kavanaugh



There’s more to this Professor Ford’s accusations of sexual harassment by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, than merely a Democrat attack on a Trump appointee. It signals apparently, after 50 years of Radical Feminism’s unending attempts to bash men as the “less than” sex, has worked. The claim of any woman, no matter how maniacal, how berserk, how unbelievable, regarding her treatment at the hands of any man at whom she decides to point an accusatory finger, will now be given new “female” credibility. Women cannot lie and men cannot tell the truth. Hawaiian Senator, Mazie Hirono told the men of this nation to “Shut up!” And she got away with it. Not the New York Times, The Washington Post or the Chicago Tribune editorialized on this sexist bashing by one of the most important elected officials in the land.

Our own Senator, Kirsten Hillebrand stated that: “Forcing her (Prof. Ford) into a sham hearing (under oath) is silencing her!” So, according to our own brainless congresswoman, just asking for a woman to testify under oath against a man she hazily claims assaulted her over 36 years ago is actually silencing her. Perhaps you readers can figure that one out, we can’t. And yet Hilley, who regrettably represents close to 20 million New York Staters tells us that there is no need to have an accuser render a sworn account of her claims. Well, no…if she’s accusing a man of whatever, even if her unfounded charges cause him to lose his job, destroy his future, family and life. So we’re being bashed over the head by our Progressive leaders and their media right hands that “women don’t lie about being sexually assaulted.” Tell that to the young men on the Duke University lacrosse team who were thrown out of the school, denounced and debased on false allegations of raping a woman at a party. Years later she was proven to have lied, they were exonerated and won law suits against the school. But still today, “Women don’t lie,” is the watchword for the movement.

Just how will this affect our judicial system when women jurors, in a courtroom run by a Progressive woman judge, are told by defense attorneys that to find female defendants guilty based on the testimony of men would be a violation of their human rights as women? And what scenes can we imagine taking place in secure jury rooms where men are attacked by women wearing pussy hats for declaring their intentions of violating women’s rights by voting thumbs up to convict? Sadly, the next generation will have to muddle through this challenge to our democracy. Perhaps it’s time for men to seriously start thinking of wearing the pants in their families, communities, in Congress…and do so proudly.



  1. Patti

    09/27/2018 at 3:10 pm

    I am so sick and tired of all this. What ever happened to a person is innocent until proven guilty, and an individual has the right to confront their accuser….. What is this that she doesn’t want anyone to see her, she has to sit in a special chair, be able to control the air conditioning? Who else has ever had this right? Should she be allowed to set this precedent for others? And all of the sudden more females are now coming forward… I have to wonder who is behind all of this.

  2. [email protected]

    09/29/2018 at 11:54 am

    The problem that you describe has ‘legs’ because we as citizens no longer take interest in learning and understanding our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We no longer study civics and civic responsibility, much less history, in order to understand small things such as the Magna Carta from which we take and apply the most basic rule of law that ‘All men are innocent, until proven guilty by a jury of their peers’.
    These elected officials, who based on gender, or pure ignorance, ignore our history and most basic traditions of fairness, should be hounded out of office by their electorate.
    What amazes me is that many of our officials are lawyers, who used the law as a stepping stone to power, then choose to ignore it (the law) when it suits their political agenda.
    Men do not have to ‘wear the pants’, they need to be partners with women in approaching problems with intelligence, rather then emotion. Remember Sherlock Holmes ?? Doctors refuse to treat their loved ones, because their emotions may cloud their judgement of facts.
    ALL the emotional calls from our progressive left are oonvienient lies, that tug on the heartstrings of vulnerable, ignorant citizens who refuse to think for themselves. They are government representatives who lust for the power of their position, supported by citizens who feel TERRIFIC, responding to the emotional pull of a cause that makes them feel warm and fuzzy. With all those cited history, facts, and tradition, do not apply. The only thing that matters is that they FEEL good with themselves.
    Maybe the next generation needs to be taught that life is tough, and descisions hard to make. They should be taught that history matters, and facts matter. Pure emotional responses to problems disguised as caring political precepts, are all too often SHAM.

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