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NJ Mayor Steps Up to the Plate

(The following letter was sent to the Jewish Voice from a concerned New Jersey resident)

Dear Mayor Siciliano:

I hope this e-mail finds you well. Allow me to take this opportunity to let you know what a distinct honor it was speaking with you yesterday. I must say that I was exceptionally impressed by your proactive approach of calling me within minutes after I had departed from Adam Schneider’s office. I am of the firm belief that such an approach with the electorate should be employed by all township mayors and other local elected officials.

Just to review, we discussed three separate matters. The first issue focused on sanitation, as I suggested that a regular garbage pick up be established twice a week during the three hot summer months. The process of recycling would remain as it currently stands. Your response to me was that perhaps for a particular area you might be able to arrange such a pick up and that you will pursue this in further detail.

The second issue focused on creating leniency in the restrictions regarding recycling in the same area. I had mentioned to you that the people that are most affected by the stringency of the recycling regulations only inhabit the area for 10 weeks per year and as such as not recipients of other township services or benefits. What creates confusion is that there are different recycling rules in each area. You said that you would discuss these matters with the appropriate authorities and would inquire as to what can be implemented to resolve this.

The third issue revolved around the installation of new, bright LED lights on the roads for safety reasons. There are hundreds of kids roaming the streets with bicycles and walking for different activities and it’s very difficult to see them in total darkness. You agreed totally that it should be done, however, you indicated that the issue would best be handled by the electric company. You said that they were procrastinating on installing them and that even if you installed double the amount of the new lights, it would still be a significant savings for the township in terms of electrical expenses versus the old ones.

There is one more issue that wasn’t discussed. I’m not sure if you can help but you might be able to do something since it’s really an annoyance for all the residents as well as being a health and safety issue. As you know, the deer that roam free in the Garden State carry Lyme Disease, as well as eating tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of shrubs and flowers in the gardens and yards of all the residents. On many occasions, I and others have witnessed them running through the streets and as a result, ultimately many ending up hitting them unintentionally with their vehicles. A person is considered fortunate if they emerge from such an accident with only damage to their vehicle. The presence of deer and other wildlife who traverse the local roads can lead to more serious and life threatening accidents and we should take every measure at our disposal to avoid such a possible calamity.

I thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness and concern about the issues that I raised. I look forward to hearing from you on these matters in the near future.


Daniel Bergman
West Deal

Says Cuomo Shouldn’t “Celebrate” Primary Win

Dear Editor:

Governor Andrew Cuomo shouldn’t be proud of his 2018 Democratic Party Primary win. Out of 5,621,822 registered active potential Democrats, only 975,552 voted him, while 511,585 voted for Cynthia Nixon and 4,134,685 who voted for None of the Above by staying home . In reality, when you add up the combined votes of Nixon with those who stayed home by voting for “None of the Above”, less than 18% of registered Democrats supported Cuomo. He had the benefits and perks of eight years being Governor, including daily free media coverage. Don’t forget periodic mailings from state agencies and authorities at taxpayers expense promoting his so called accomplishments.

Virtually every state Democratic Party city, state and federal elected official, district and county leader, local club house along with most labor unions endorsed him. This included mailings, phone banks and get out the vote drives. He raised over $32 million dollars primarily from Pay to Play and other special interest groups. Cuomo spent over $25 million. This included a media buy in the millions. His campaign commercials ran 24/7 on most channels for weeks. His primary opponent Cynthia Nixon raised $2.5 million. Ms. Nixon was vastly outspent and could afford a very limited media buy to get her message out.


Larry Penner
Great Neck

Believing Survivors of Abuse

Dear Editor,

We need to start believing women, believing all people who come forward with allegations of abuse. It’s exceedingly rare for a false allegation to be made, and abuse often goes unreported, which is why it’s no surprise that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers were so reluctant to come out with their stories.

I felt angry as I read your article “Kavanaugh & Accuser to Both Testify Before Congress Next Week,” because it was horrifying enough to try imagining being assaulted or humiliated, and then to be bullied and intimidated like these women are is almost unbearable to watch.

I think these two women alone show why women are so strong and grossly underestimated by a society that’s wholly unfair to them, run by and for white men.

What does it say to our children and to victims of assault when Supreme Court justices and presidents can stand accused of sexual assault or harassment and have an entire political party complicitly stand in silence? This has to stop. There are plenty of other conservative justices who don’t come off as untruthful, perjurers, and sexual abusers.

Kavanaugh has denied any wrongdoing.

“I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation,” he said in a statement last week. “I did not do this back in high school or at anytime.”

We should also remember that he isn’t in a court of criminal law. There is no beyond a reasonable doubt burden of proof required. His actions and lack of being forthright make him unfit for the highest court in the land. You would also think an innocent man would want an F.B.I. investigation, something that both of his accusers want. Be careful, men, because you can’t keep hiding for long from the #MeToo movement.


Martha Anna

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