Parents Beware!! Time to Boycott Bert & Ernie!

Bert and Ernie gay? Who knew?  Who wants to know? And who cares? Not our kids then and now, whose lives were not  affected or infected with gay issues going way back in the early days of Sesame Street in the 70’s. Nor are we taking seriously, this new revelation by Mark Saltzman, one of its writers. These two characters were puppets, hand puppets, created to teach kids about society, its problems and solutions through their wacky antics and were not originated to indoctrinate generations of children that the gay lifestyle is the new way to go. This Saltzman guy claims now, decades after the show was introduced, that the relationship between Bert and Ernie reflected his own love affair between him and his co-writer on the show, Arnold Glassman, now deceased. Nonsense! Factually, Saltzman began working on the show 15 years after Bert’s first appearance on the screen.


Not only that, but episodes on the show indicate that Bert was actually attracted to women. He serenaded Connie Stevens with a love song, “Some Enchanted Evening,”  during the first season of The Muppet Show. And to his girlfriend, he recorded a love song entitled, “I Want to Hold Your Ear” which was recorded on several albums. Whenever a woman guest appeared on the show, Bert seemed to have a crush on her. So let’s go back to 1993, when an official statement was released by Sesame Street to dispel the beginnings of this homosexual scam-claim: ” Bert and Ernie who’ve been on Sesame Street for 25 years, do not portray a gay couple. they are puppets, not humans…..designed to help educate preschoolers. ” This is but another attempt to make homosexuality the norm in our daily lives. The leaders of the gay community,  male, female and the alphabetized groups that seem to be adding letters to their call signs almost daily, are militantly exerting pressure to indoctrinate us, from infant to adult stage that to be gay is in fashion, to be worn like a tattoo, to be swooned over, to be emulated, to be raised on high with rainbow flags strategically placed above the Stars and Stripes.


To most of us, it is not. It goes against our Judeo/Christian ethics that specify our sex is determined in the womb and continues unchanged to our death. If people want to act out the sexual lifestyles that they choose, at their own risk, so be it. That is their privilege in this quickly weakening, once moral nation. But to indoctrinate youngsters through kiddie shows that this is the norm, is madness. Will we soon be hearing the same yarn about Abbott and Costello, Ben and Jerry and Martin and Lewis? So, back to Bert and Ernie as being gay.  Who gives a “you know what?”






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  1. So if you don’t give a “you know what” – why boycott them? Either you don’t care and you move on with your life or you do care and boycott them. Which one is it?


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