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Our Gratitude to President Trump!



Ever since the Roman conquest of ancient Israel back in 72CE. until the establishment of the current Jewish state in 1948, we prayed for our return to Jerusalem and our sacred land. Now our prayers have been answered and yet a substantial number of American Jews, perhaps out of innocent ignorance, are working and voting for its downfall. Go figure. There is no one standing who can claim that the promises of pre-president Trump, relating to his support and love for Israel have not been fulfilled. And throw in his concern and positive actions for the dire situation of Jewish college kids that Jewish Progressives whose families are victims seem to be in the dark about and we must come to the conclusion that this man, our president, is truly a friend to Israel. We’ll even use up some editorial space to educate all of us, both political Liberals and Conservatives about Trump’s pro-Israel/Jewish scorecard to date. What follows is a bullet-point, not necessarily chronological discussion of Trump’s efforts and deeds in support of Israel.

* His appointment of Nikki Haley as our Ambassador to the U.N. She comes as a welcome replacement for the previous Obama appointees, Samantha Power and Susan Rice who both were overtly anti-Israel in their denunciations of Israel’s settlement policies and its “harsh responses” to Palestinian terror attacks. At an AIPAC conference Nikki stated: “The days of Israel-bashing are over…they need to know there is a new sheriff in town.”

* His appointment of David Friedman to be our Ambassador to Israel. David replaces Daniel Shapiro an Obama flunky who despised Netanyahu and showed it. The NYT’s description of Friedman indicates he’s a super choice for the position. “He writes a column for a right-wing Israeli news site in which he has accused Obama of ‘blatant anti-Semitism,’ dismissed the two state solution , likened a liberal American-Jewish group to ‘Kapos,’ who cooperated with the Nazis and said American Jewish leaders ‘failed’ Israel on the Iran nuclear deal.” And that’s why WE love the guy!

* He has closed down the Palestine Liberation Organization’s mission in Washington because the PLO is not directly negotiating any peace agreement with Israel. In addition, the PLO is threatening to bring charges of war crimes against Israel at the International Criminal Court which violates the agreement we had with them when opening up their offices. In addition, our State Department under the leadership of Mike Pompeo is finally, after 70 years, no longer anti-Israel.

* He has ordered our de-funding the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) which has for nearly 70 years aided and abetted the Palestinian terror against Israel. They provide textbooks which teach their kids to hate and how to kill Israelis. Our yearly 3 hundred million $ to this organization goes to maintaining the pipe dream of the “Right of Return” of millions of Arabs to Israel.

+ He has ordered the cancellation of our annual payment of 2 hundred million $ directly to the PLO, that supports the families of martyrs who have died committing terror against Israel or for their family members locked up for such acts. How many of us were aware that we supported terror with our tax dollars? We no longer contribute to Israeli deaths.

* He has ordered our Embassy to be relocated in Jerusalem proper. A Congressional order to do so back in 1995 had been ignored by every president before Trump although each and every one swore to their pro-Israel voters that they would do so as soon as they took office. They all lied…each and every one of them…. until Trump.

* He is treating Iran as the enemy it is to our own country, Israel and the world. As a result, he has withdrawn us from the disastrous Obama nuclear deal and we will impose sanctions on that country to encourage them to finally join a peaceful family of nations. This is in response to Iran’s continued missile development, its support of terrorism and the fact that they may be hiding their nuclear program from the inept, incompetent U.N. observers who are intentionally oblivious to Iran’s hidden laboratories and testing sites. As a result of Trump’s moves, many nations are dropping out of their trade deals, Iran is going through monumental inflation and riots are spreading around the country. It’s great that Trump truly has Israel’s back because one of Iran’s military leaders is quoted as saying, “ Iran has the capability to destroy Israel and given the excuse, Tel Aviv and Haifa will be razed to the ground.” Trump realized that kissing Iran’s tuchis wouldn’t pay off.

As a result of the above unassailable evidence of Trump’s support for Israel, we really don’t understand our Progressive, Democrat, Liberal, Yiddish brothers and sisters, who still come up with descriptions of his support for Israel as toadying up to Jews merely for their votes. What votes?? In 2016 Hillary got 71% of the Jewish vote in 2016 in spite of the fact that she surely would have continued Obama’s hostility against the Jewish State. In 2008, Obama received 78% of their support although they all were aware he was a member of a Jew/Israel hating church for over 20 years!! After 8 years of Obama blasting Israel, supporting Iran and Palestine and finally his thumb-in-the-eye to Jews by abstaining from anti-Israel Security Council Resolution 2334 in 2016 and permitting it to pass unanimously, they still embrace the Democrat flagpole like a nightclub dancer. Are they that stupid? Unfortunately, yes. We see them as lemmings, supporting a new wave of Israel hating Progressive Democrats who will take their orders from Congressman Keith Ellison, Vice Chair of the Democrat National Committee whose background was holding leadership roles in the Council of American Islamic Relations and Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. Which brings to mind the old saying, sadly still true today: “Jewish political intelligence is an oxymoron.”



  1. NuritG

    09/18/2018 at 10:09 pm

    Don’t understand our Progressive, Democrat, Liberal, “Jewish” brothers and sisters, who still come up with descriptions of his support for Israel as toadying up to Jews merely for their votes. Well, political foolishness is a Jewish thing, and Jews against each other in ancientnt thing for Jews.

  2. Beer baron

    09/23/2018 at 10:35 pm

    Jabotinsky was correct when he wrote:

    “It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are. They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life, that you must not ‘meet halfway’ those who do not want to meet you.”

  3. Herb Glatter

    09/23/2018 at 11:54 pm

    An excellent summary of where we are today, at the start of a new year. Chag. Sameach

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