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David Lobl in Hot Water Over Approval of Flier Citing Nixon as Anti-Israel



David Lobl, a volunteer with the reelection campaign of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s, approved an incendiary flier suggesting that Governor Cuomo’s rival, actress Cynthia Nixon, was anti-Semitic and pro-BDS. The flier had been inadvertently signed off by the former secretary of the governor, Lawrence S. Schwartz.

Lobl, who had served as a former special assistant to Cuomo particularly with his connection to the Jewish community, had left the administration in May to join the top lobby firm Kasirer.

Lobl served as Cuomo’s connection to the Jewish community since 2012.

In a clearly worded message, the flier, which was post marked Sep. 1, shows Lobl’s message replicates virtually word-for-word on the back side of the of the flier sent to 7,000 household just prior to Rosh Hoshana and a couple of days prior to Thursday’s primary.

The flier reads:

“CN doesn’t want to fund yeshivas

CN is pro-BDS

CN has been silent on anti-Semitism,’ on the flier it was misspelled anti-Semetism.

Mr. Schwartz said in a phone interview that “he was very upset by the mailers, adding that he is Jewish.

“I would have never approved that mailer to go out had I seen it in its totality.” Adding that it “was totally inappropriate.”

While Nixon is not halachacally Jewish, she is raising her two of her children in the Jewish faith. She attends with her partner Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, a LGBT synagogue. Nixon starred in the highly successful series Sex in the City about four single women and their lives as single women in New York city during the late 1990s and early 2000. Nixon played the role of Miranda, a lawyer who had various lovers on the show.

While there are denials of Cynthia Nixon’s support of BDS, professor Alan Dershowitz back in March 2018 said that in fact that Nixon does support BDS.

Dershowitz cited a note she signed back in 2010 in support of Israeli artists who refused to perform in the Ariel Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

Dershowitz added that she has collaborated with Israel haters such as Jewish Voice for Peace and the likes of Vanessa Redgrave in boycotting Israel.”

Despite the flier being paid for by the New York State Democratic Committee, it was strongly condemned by the Democratic party members. The Synagogue is led by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, whose wife is Randi Weingarten, the head of the powerful American Federation of Teachers. They issued a rebuke of the flier calling it “beyond the pale.”

Governor Cuomo for his part has denied any knowledge of the formulation of the handout and that at best it was a “mistake.”

The Nixon campaign incredulously, citing the close ties between the Governor and Mr. Schwartz, questioned how Cuomo could not have been aware of the flier.

Other polls across the state agree with the Nixon campaign. Former Syracuse Mayor and state party Chairwoman Stephani Miner said there’s “no way” this happened “without the consent of Andrew Cuomo or one of his top lieutenants.”

Recently, as early as three days ago, Cuomo admitted that the flier was a mistake adding that he had run a “fully positive,” campaign.

Cuomo then summed up his policy and viewpoint by adding, “Israel is an important issue. There is strong support for Israel and there are strong opinions about Israel.”

Back in 2016, Cuomo signed an executive order against BDS in New York State. It requires state agencies to divest from corporations and groups that back the anti-Israel boycott.

By: Andrew Schiff

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