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A Closer Look at Yesterday’s Primary Results



While it was expected that Cuomo would defeat Cynthia Nixon, Letitia James would become the Democratic nominee for Attorney General, and  Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul would win her primary contest, there were several other interesting stories on Thursday  night.


One of the key upsets last night was in The Bronx/Westchester area’s State Senate District 34, where Alessandra Biaggi defeated Jeff Klein, who has been in office since 2004.  Biaggi, ran a “progressive” campaign, complete with pretending to be “working class” similar to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who went door to door and hung out in the Bronx, pretending to be  working class. In reality Cortez came from an upper middle class family and her father was an architect, and was not raised in the working-class Bronx area.  Recently she was seen taking photo ops with blue collar workers while wearing a $3000 outfit…. but enough about her. Alessandra Biaggi, a lawyer and former operations director on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign , was able to use faux populism to defeat Klein.  Klein  formed the IDC   Independent Democratic Conference  in 2011,  claiming to be unhappy with the Democratic leadership. In 2012, the IDC senators shifted the majority from Democrats to Republicans, and Klein shared the title of majority leader with Sen. Dean Skelos, the then-leader of the Republicans.  In a heavily Democratic city, IDC Democrats would pay the price last night, for not taking party first !  Critics and “progressives” like to call IDC members “fake Democrats”.

In Queens, community organizer Jessica Ramos defeated Sen. José Peralta, and former City Comptroller John Liu won against Sen. Tony Avella. In Brooklyn, Zellnor Myrie, a lawyer and former legislative director in City Council, beat Sen. Jesse Hamilton, and in Manhattan, former City Councilman Robert Jackson defeated Sen. Marisol Alcantara. All of the defeated incumbents were IDC Democrats.

In Brooklyn, newcomer Julia Salazar, a community organizer, defeated incumbent Sen. Martin Dilan. Dilan was not a member of the IDC but  Salazar  ran a  faux populist campaign much like Biaggi in  the Bronx.

Speaking of Republican friendly Democrats,  Brooklyn State Senator Simcha Felder notched a victory over liberal challenger Blake Morris. This campaign was basically focused on Felder’s caucusing with Republicans. Felder is extremely popular with the Jewish community in his Boro Park district.  Felder  had  given the Republicans a single-vote majority in the Senate, garnering him enormous leverage.

Another barely touched on story to Thursday’s voting was Nancy Sliwa, wife of Guardian Angel founder Curtis Sliwa, she won the Reform Party primary for Attorney General. The Reform party had their own primary for AG, open to only unaffiliated voters. Sadly, only around 15,000 out of 2 million unaffiliated voters participated, however nobody really knew this primary existed. Sliwa is an animal activist and ran on animal rights issues. Go figure !






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