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Cataclysmic Danger Ahead

Dear Editor:

I don’t know if you’ve felt them but we’ve had many warnings of a major catastrophic human-made earthquake that threatens the foundations of our 242 year old existence as a free nation. The needle on the political Richter Scale started shaking after the 2000 election of George W. Bush. The rumblings began with the Democrats contesting the 527 vote Florida game changing presidential win by Bush over Gore that eventually was confirmed by a recount. But thereafter, Bush was for his eight more years in the White House referred to and treated by the Left as America’s first sitting “Non-President.”

Then we suffered the rattling election of Barack Obama, whose active membership in a White, Jewish, America hating church was well known to the electorate. His close, personal relationship with the likes of his adored Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan was no secret. Obama was open about his goals. He told us he was out to “Fundamentally transform America” and the world. He did, with racial unrest, blacks against whites, attacks against law enforcement, hatred against people of wealth, the cover-up of Muslim hate crimes, the admittance of millions of illegals, the deliberate condemnations of our nation’s history, the “Arab Spring” that turned the Middle East into a raging inferno of destruction and death, the support to the terrorist nation of Iran and the eight year unsuccessful effort to undermine the Jewish State of Israel. Worrisome tremblings, indeed.

Perhaps the most significant recent shudder came in the current Senate hearings for the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice. The well planned observer shout-outs requiring the dragging out of the violent demonstrators for the whole world to see and then the coordinated Democrat disruption from their official seats indicated a massive threat to our liberties. We have no control of nature. Earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and tsunamis are generated by earth’s forces. But the undermining rattling of our halls of justice, our Constitution, and our liberties for which so many have sacrificed their lives is occurring because we are permitting it to happen. Our willful ignoring, of closing our eyes to the ground swelling, shaking, warning signals of calamity, growing not only in frequency but in intensity will result in the irreparable cracks in the foundations of our liberties and freedom. The next shock may be coming soon.


Alan Bulwarky

Cuomo Allowing Pedophiles to Vote???

Dear Editor:

Pedophiles and Sex Offenders for Cuomo? Governor Cuomo’s executive order to allow 24,000 parolees including sex offenders and pedophiles the right to cast a vote at your local polling place makes no sense. Why take the risk of exposing parents and children to potential harm? There is a simple solution to afford these people voting rights while at the same time protecting parents and children. Let all 24,000 parolees request an absentee ballot like thousands of other citizens do and vote by mail.


Larry Penner

Great Neck

Shocked About Hochul Endorsement

Dear Editor:

I was kind of shocked at your papers endorsement of Kathy Hochul for LT Governor of NYS as she is fully supportive of Governor Cuomo progressive agenda as noted in her campaign ads. Also I was shocked as to the reason given for your endorsement as it indicated support for some of her left wing policy positions. As your newspaper totes itself as a conservative voice in the Jewish community and for the most part lives up to that expectation. But seems to fall short in this situation.


Alan Fenster

Kew Garden Hills

Artificial Intelligence Jobs Increasing

Dear Editor,

The number of job postings featuring “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning” in their description has doubled since 2015, which shouldn’t be too surprising. The great news though is that it’s not just the west coast that will continue getting in on this action with places like Silicon Valley. It appears that a lot of these job interests are coming from right here in New York.

Samsung just announced the opening of an A.I research center in the city, for example. Maybe this emerging industry could help pull underprivileged kids out of poverty by giving them the opportunities to work in these cutting-edge industries and show that the city can still be a manufacturing powerhouse even in the 21st century.

Let’s hope that these jobs keep pouring in and that these companies wind up being good neighbors and give back to the community.


Margaret Jacobsen

Denounces Cuomo’s “Anti­Semitism” Ploy

Dear Editor:

The New York State Democratic Committee has a lot of explaining to do after it sent out a mailer targeted to heavily Orthodox Jewish communities suggesting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s rival to the left in the upcoming Democratic primary, Cynthia Nixon, is anti-Semitic and supports the radical BDS movement.

Cuomo who controls and helps fund the NY State Democratic committee denounced the mailer and denied having anything to do with it, but that’s where the problems start. He should have denounced the mailers in no ambiguous terms and taken responsibility. People have been kicking around the blame for something that should just be put to rest. These attacks are ugly and play on people’s worst fears, making it particularly disgusting. Jews, especially Orthodox Jews, face very real threats from anti-Semitism and have for as long as Jews have been around, To play on those real fears as a cheap way to smear an opponent as anti-Semitic is beyond just gutter politics but can damage our public discourse, trust of each other, and understanding of anti-Semitism and hatred.

The irony to the story is, Nixon is raising both of her children Jewish, belongs to a modern synagogue & has never declared support for BDS, but none of that seemed to matter to the people who put together that mailer for cheap political points.


Susan Aravosis


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