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NY Dem Party Mails then Denounces Flier Accusing Cynthia Nixon of anti-Semitism



The NY State Democratic Committee sent out a mailer targeted to heavily Orthodox Jewish communities suggesting that Governor Cuomo’s rival in the upcoming Democratic primary, Cynthia Nixon is anti- Semitic and supports the radical BDS movement.

The irony to the story is, Nixon is raising both of her children Jewish, belongs to a modern synagogue & has never declared support for BDS.

Cuomo who controls and helps fund the NY State Democratic committee denounced the mailer and denied having anything to do with it, however he refuses to fire Geoff Berman, the committee’s executive director who also denied having knowledge of the mailer before it went out but declined to say who authorized it, according to Democrat and Chronical of Albany.

Cuomo called the mailer a “mistake” and “inappropriate.”

“I don’t deploy those negative tactics and I don’t want the Democratic Party to,” Cuomo told reporters Sunday in Manhattan.

The mailer, which was sent to heavily Orthodox Jewish communities prominently featured a photo of Nixon while noting “anti-Semitism and bigotry (is) on the rise” and saying she “won’t stand strong for our Jewish communities” and suggests she supports the BDS, boycott Israel movement, which Nixon has repeatedly denounced. It also states she is against “funding Yeshivas”  The other side of the mailer touted Cuomo’s support for the Jewish community, noting he is “standing against anti-Semitism.”

As of press, nobody has come forward to authorizing this campaign literature.

“I am incredibly angry and sad that Governor Cuomo and his official New York State Democratic Party would engage in the kind of Trump-style divide and conquer tactics at a time when we need to come together,” Nixon said in a statement.

The long-shot candidate, called on Cuomo to fire Berman and apologize for the flier, calling it an “attack not only on my children and my character, but on all New Yorkers.” Nixon also called for Cuomo to send out another mailer to the same targeted group, setting the record straight on her stance on Israel and anti-Semitism.

Ms. Nixon attends a synagogue and has a Rabbi, Sharon Kleinbaum, and that the rabbi happens to be married to Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, the NY Times reported.

“Cynthia is no anti Semite. It’s a baseless lie. Further, speaking as lifelong democrats, this is not who our party is — using divisive and baseless smears to divide people and promote fear”, Rabbi Kleinbaum and Weingarten said in a released joint statement.

The NY Times pointed out the issue of Nixon not wanting to fund yeshivas via taxpayers is false. The Times pointed out that Young Advocates for Fair Education, an activist group, filed a lawsuit in federal court naming Mr. Cuomo, the chancellor of the state’s Board of Regents and the state’s commissioner of education, claiming that the Governor and NY state have allowed  certain Yeshiva’s to teach little in traditional, reading, science and arithmetic. The UFT headed by Nixon ally Randi Weingarten, has made similar complaints.  The flier attempts to tie Nixon into this issue because of her association with Weingarten.


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