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NY’s AG Position is Inherently Biased



Do you remember Eric Schneiderman? He was once the Attorney General, the highest law enforcement officer of New York State. He was a best friend and compatriot of Gov. Cuomo and a sure bet to eventually replace him as governor. But this guy who put people in jail for assault, battery and taking unprescribed drugs, had to resign his position in June after being accused by women he slept with of such crimes as, choking them, threatening to kill them, beating them and demanding they supply him with drugs. In addition, he was one of the most prominent men in the #MeToo movement. But before he resigned he initiated a lawsuit against President Trump that has all the earmarks of being, guess what……political. Can you believe (smirk) that such political chicanery could go on in the Big Apple?

But now that Eric the Dread is gone, his legacy lives on. In the upcoming primaries this month, his replacement will surely be from among the four Democrat candidates running to fill the venal void as AG. During a John Jay College sort of coffee klatch debate, they all agreed that Donald Trump, not the explosion of crime in the state or the dread opioid epidemic that killed nearly 2500 New Yorkers in 2017, would be their chief focus when the winner takes office. In fact, last year’s drug deaths were greater than those resulting from either car crashes or shootings.. But since to show hatred for Trump is the Democrats’ flavor of the year they all promised to continue, at the expense of life and death matters, Schneiderman’s assault legacy of law suits no matter how futile they will end up to be, against the president.

The AG’s office is extremely powerful. It carries tremendous influence because it has jurisdiction over financial matters under the Martin Act, the state’s broad antitrust law. The state accuses the Trump foundation, of raising in the neighborhood of 2.8 million $ and distributing those funds to admittedly worthy charities but doing so just before the 2016 election in order to win primaries and the general election. And the clincher is that Schneiderman, while serving as NYS’s AG had been appointed by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to serve on a “leadership council” in her campaign. And note that his office during that time, ignored all of the many public allegations of misconduct and criminality by the Clinton Foundation. In order to end this lawsuit it will require the Republican candidate for this position, Keith Wofford, to win the general election. Although the Democrats have a 3.1 million registered voter advantage in the state, we hope for a miracle to finally have a Republican win a statewide election. It’s time for the corruption to end.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ron

    09/07/2018 at 12:28 pm

    Your support to stop an investigation of the Trump Foundation is a tragedy and in my opinion violates the very tradition of a free press in seeking to protect the public. The information clearly shows the potential that the charity didn’t follow the rules we expect of a reputable charity and your knee jerk reaction to protect anything Trump is absurd. Truth hurts and your actions are just putting your head in the sand and potentially rewarding bad behaviour which is contrary to what we expect of a free press.You should be embarrassed.

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