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Trump Destroys CNN, NBC & Big Media in Tweet Fury



A Series of Teeets by the president on Thursday took aim at the main stream media, especially CNN and NBC. 

The first Tweet called out the non-stop hate against the president from CNN

CNN’s rating have been horrid, despite leftist’s renewed interest in politics and news since Trump was elected. For example, opinion based netowrk MSNBC has seen their ratings drasticakll increase oveer the past year and a half. 

The 2nd Tweet zeroed in on NBC’s biased reporting against the president. Trump has claimed that the interview with Lester Holt about the firing of James Comey was edited by NBC. The media painted Trump as a madman for insinuating this, however since nobody has seen another version of the interview. 

The 3rd Tweet was the strongest and reserved for most of the main stream news media. Comparing the way the media has covered previous administrations with “kid gloves”, especially Obama’s tenure , and watching the way NBC, CNN AND ABC and other’s had practically acted as surrogates for Hillary Clinton during the election of 2016, it is not surprising Trump feels this way.  The media has been practically drooling over a possibility of “Russian collusion”. While leftists will claim Trump is trying to silence the media, it is important to note he is attacking the main stream media and not smaller news entiries and conservative outlets who are currently being silenced by the Orwellian forces on Facebook,Google, YouTube and Twitter .

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