Turkey’s Blackmail Must Stop!!

Two years ago Turkey imprisoned Andrew Brunson, a U.S. evangelical pastor. The Turkish government now refuses to release him unless the United States drops criminal charges against a Turkish bank that had financial dealings with Iran

A country supposedly friendly to America does not take one of our citizens hostage on fabricated charges to force us to bow down to their demands. “That” country is Turkey, who two years ago imprisoned Andrew Brunson, a U.S. evangelical pastor for having ties to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which the Turkish government considers a terrorist group. Somehow with a straight face, as only a fascist government could dream up, they claim he aided the planners of the failed coup against President Erdogan in 2016. Forget that this “coup” was a set up by Erdogan, himself in order to clamp down and imprison tens of thousands of his own citizens who were opposed to his dictatorship. Typical behavior of governments in the cesspool of the Muslim Middle East.

In response to a harsh demand by President Trump and Christian groups that he release his prisoner, Erdogan stated that Brunson’s fate is directly tied with Turkey’s demand that we extradite Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim cleric now living in Pennsylvania accused by the Turkish government of staging that “coup” in 2016. In other words, they picked out an innocent American doing religious work in their country, locked him up for 35 years and is using him as bait to get their hands on Gulen. But Erdogan, sadly for his own people who will pay the penalty of American reprisal, is no longer dealing with a friendly Obama who was compliant to Islamic threats. Remember Obama’s getting Israel to apologize for killing the Turks who were part of the 2010 Gaza Flotilla? President Trump has ordered the U.S. Treasury Department to sanction Turkey’s Justice and Interior ministers. He then announced plans to impose 20% tariffs on Turkey’s aluminum and 50% on its steel. Immediately, in response to Trump’s measures, the Turkish lira lost nearly one-third of its value in three days. Turkish equity markets fell 17% on fears that Turkish companies won’t be able to pay debt denominated in euros or dollars.

A no nonsense president, asserting the power of the United states has put out the signal to such other dictators as N. Korea’s Kim Jong Un whom we’ve seen back down on his threats to nuke us and meekly returned the remains of many of our troops killed in the Korean War. Trump has also placed Iran and Russia in his cross hairs and is getting these despots to back down. What we have in the White House now is a fearless leader, one who may have problems keeping his mouth closed but who is re-elevating the status of our great country and at the same time dealing with our enemies abroad as no other president before him. We would hope that the unhinged Left’s leadership would finally mature mentally and stand behind him and the United States of America. Is that asking too much?


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