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Thinks Cuomo Is Hiding from Debates

Dear Editor:

Governor Andrew Cuomo is following the infamous Rose Garden Strategy of ignoring underdog Democratic Party challenger Cynthia Nixon by refusing to participate in a series of public debates between now and September 13th Primary Day. He prefers to hide behind his multi-million dollar weekly series of television ads. They are paid for out of his ample $32 million campaign reelection war chest raised primarily from special interest Pay for Play donors. This is supplemented by “public service announcements” run daily in heavy rotation by state agencies and independent authorities such as the Empire State Development Corporation at taxpayers expense.

He will do the same prior to November 6th General Election Day against underdog Republican challenger Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro. Cuomo will stall until late October with the goal of agreeing to one or two last minute debates knowing full well that his election is already preordained. He did the same in 2014 to Republican challenger Westchester County Executive Rob Asterino. His father Mario Cuomo did the same to the late GOP Westchester County Executive Andrew O’Rourke when he ran against him in 1986. Like father, like son

Cuomo has no interest in providing a free forum for either Nixon or Molinaro to get their respective messages directly out to voters. All newspapers and good government groups should shame Cuomo into participating in open forums and debates.

Cuomo should participate in a series of debates sponsored daily newspapers and television stations. If he doesn’t show, leave an empty chair in the room with his name on it.

Let us hope that enlightened newspapers such as the Jewish Voice call for an end all incumbents use of the infamous Rose Garden Strategy. Intelligent voters deserve frequent debates prior to the primary and general elections as opposed to canned TV commercials.

If Cuomo refuses to participate in series of debates with either Nixon or Molinaro, he should be subject to critical newspaper editorials. He should forfeit any chance of endorsements by media outlets.


Larry Penner

Great Neck

Chris Collins & Insider Trading

Dear Editor:

It’s time to drain the swamp. It’s good to see in your article about Rep. Chris Collins that it looks like crime won’t pay. Not only is he caught up in an insider trading scandal, but it looks like others may go down with him. The more the better so we can clean up Washington.

Collins gained knowledge that a company, Innate Immunotherapeutics, had a trial drug that wasn’t testing well. Collins allegedly tried passing off the information to his son, which prosecutors allege led to his son and others using that knowledge to avoid a situation where $700,000 could have been lost.

I strongly agree with the judge in this case, who said Collins “helps write the laws of this country.” He added that Collins “acted as if the law did not apply to him.”

At least he turned himself in, but his defense and odd press conference aren’t going to change the situation he faces.

At a press conference he held Wednesday evening, he said “the charges that have been levied against me are meritless and I will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name.”

It’s time that we all rise up and make sure that no politician can be above the law and use his/her office for personal profit. Making money off of an insider tip is a huge slap in the face to every hard-working American. We can do better as a nation.


Janet Furnbach


Disgusted by Les Moonves

Dear Editor:

Huge news about how the head of CBS is facing big harassment allegations.

New Yorker writer Ronan Farrow did it again with yet another big scoop. Six women who accuse CBS Corp.’s chief executive officer Les Moonves of sexual misconduct worried about retaliation and loss of reputation. Farrow says he spent eight months investigating the story published in the New Yorker.

The article says six women who had professional dealings with Moonves say he sexually harassed them between the 1980s and late 2000s. Four of the women described forcible touching or kissing during business meetings, it says, while two said that Moonves physically intimidated them or threatened to derail their careers.

The media company did not mention Moonves by name but said it issued a statement in response to the New Yorker article, which shows cowardice on the part of the company that seemingly allowed this man to be in charge for all of this time while abusing his power at the expense of women’s well-being.

If any other people are out there and doing this, they should know that their time is up.


Julia Macchia


Wants News on WH Peace Plan

Dear Editor:

Great news in “White House Soon Unveiling Middle East Peace Plan.” It seemed like everyone had moved on from this potentially major development, so I’m very pleased to hear that there are still plans in motion.

U.S. officials are telling reporters that recent moves by the White House suggest that its long-awaited Middle East peace plan may finally see the light of day. The White House has hired a lot of staffers tasked with the Middle East in recent days, which isn’t much but is still certainly a big start for such a monumental task.

The National Security Council said it would see if volunteers from other agencies would join the effort, which makes me think even more that something great is coming.

There still aren’t concrete plans though, and we need to really make sure that this thing keeps moving along so we can one day see the plans and hopefully improve on them as we try making Middle East peace. Keep on reporting on this story!


Judi Davidson

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