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Israel Must Finish the Job in Gaza



It finally has to come to an end….this endless deadly, for Israel, cycle of wars initiated by the Palestinian leadership followed by the customary Israeli military response and then when on the verge of being wiped out, the Palestinians, backed by the United Nations, holding up their hands, calling for and getting a “truce.” This has occurred hundreds of times since the formation of Israel in 1948 and this lethal ritual continues to this day. Just this past week, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, after Hamas unleashed hundreds of rockets into Israel and after months of militant attacks on their protective fences, of their sending into Israel flaming kites to incinerate its forests and fields, visited that border and stated, “I am sure we will do what needs to be done and how it should be done. We are conducting a responsible and powerful security policy. We are prepared and know what to do and how to do it.” Really? This latest response to Palestinian/Hamas terror unleashed against Israel citizenry and its infrastructure must have had Mahmoud Abbas shaking with fear.

Nonsense, they are re-arming and preparing for the next onslaught against one of the major military powers on earth that is hamstrung into accepting another round of terror/response/truce/terror and on and on. Imagine, Israel with a major, modern, nuclear armed military including submarines capable of wiping out nations, succumbing to the primitive attacks by Palestinians, permitting their citizens to sit respectfully in bomb shelters every time they hear a wailing warning siren blare. Isn’t it the primary responsibility of every government to protect and defend its citizenry from danger and acts of war by a foreign power?

Back in 1975 the UN accepted “Palestine” to have Permanent Observer Status at the General Assembly. Not a nation but a separate, independent entity. It was therefore responsible to act as any other nation sitting in that great hall. If it initiated a war, it had to bear the consequences of such actions. But it has been immune from any UN condemnation for its terrorist actions against Israel. It has been spoiled to the point that it can kill,, maim and attack Israeli citizens, call for that nation’s destruction and walk away, perhaps bruised by Israel’s response but left free to continue its terror against the Jewish state whenever it seemed propitious and timely for them. And Israel always complied.

We call on the Israeli leadership to finally face reality. NOW! Ceasefires, U.N. mediation and phony truces will continue with Israel burying its dead and licking its wounds for another hundred years if the Palestinians are not for once and for all either totally disarmed or totally destroyed. Peace will only come when the Palestinians and their leadership are forced to cease their bloodthirsty goal of destroying Israel. It’s either them or us. And we prefer, “Them.”

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