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Anti-Semitic Missouri House Candidate Wins GOP Primary



Missouri just took a step closer to sending a fascist to Congress as one politician who has espoused anti-Semitic rhetoric had no problem winning a House primary last week, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Steve West won the Republican nomination and has gained some prominence as a radio host. The problem is that he takes to the airwaves to spread a number of conspiracy theories that are based in anti-Semitism. Clay County chose this man over three other candidates in the primary, with a 49.5 percent plurality. The nearest contender only registered just shy of a quarter of the vote, according to The Jerusalem Post.

“Looking back in history, unfortunately, Hitler was right about what was taking place in Germany. And who was behind it,” West said on KCXL radio in January 2017, The Kansas City Star reported.

A number of dog whistles and propagandistic phrases have been used by West as well to evoke certain imagery in people’s heads that will evoke certain emotions, very dark and dangerous feelings. The Jerusalem Post reports that he’s spoken about “Jewish cabals” that are “harvesting baby parts” from Planned Parenthood, and that’s not all he said. He thinks the Jews abuse children and control the Republican Party. West uses video to spread his messages too, at times making a number of bigoted and hateful statements on his YouTube channel, according to The Kansas City Star.

Democratic incumbent Jon Carpenter will be the major candidate on the ballot against West.

The Missouri Republican Party said it does not tolerate these views.

“West’s abhorrent rhetoric has absolutely no place in the Missouri Republican Party or anywhere. We wholeheartedly condemn his comments,” it said to The Kansas City Star.

When The Kansas City Star reached out for comment, West denied his bigotry despite rapidly contradicting himself soon after by making some very questionable statements and dog whistles.

“Jewish people can be beautiful people, but there’s ideologies associated with that that I don’t agree with,” he said. “Jews today are a remnant of the tribe of Judah that rejected Christ.”

The local chapter of the Anti-Defamation League wanted to know why his bigotry wasn’t well known until so recently.

“I’m trying to get a sense of why he flew under the radar, and I’m not sure I have a great answer,” Karen Aroesty, who directs the organization’s operations in Missouri, Southern Illinois and Eastern Kansas said.

“What is a person who is elected into a position of power going to do with beliefs like this?” she asked.

Missouri has a number of groups that practice and peddle white supremacy in some form or another. The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks these groups throughout the country. Way down near Arkansas and Tennessee in southeastern Missouri is where a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan is, more specifically in Sikeston. Neo-Nazi groups like Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC in Grovespring and the Vanguard News Network headquarters in Kirksville. Across the state, groups like American Guard, skinhead group Firm 22, and Daily Stormer exist as well.

By: Dave Evans

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Matt Kober

    08/19/2018 at 5:29 pm

    What is a person who is elected into a position of power going to do with beliefs like this?” she asked.
    Perhaps to answer that you should look at the Black Supremacist Louis Farrakhan supporting Dems that have been in office for years, interesting in how the leftest media and Dem orgs SPL ADL And ACLU has conveniently ignored this fact. Currently the democrat party is more of threat to us than the republicans stop using and exploitingissues of racism or anti Semitism for partisan political gain. As an ethnic Jew I’m currently more concerned about the entire democrat party and their Anti Israel and anti Jew agendas / Philosophy than some random idiots most people ignore.

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