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Infowars App. Explodes in Popularity After Tech & Social Media Giants Impose Ban



Infowars, the tremendously popular right wing, conspiracy,  news and opinion site, run by Austin  based talk show host Alex Jones  faced a series of purges over the weekend by Google(YouTube), Facebook, Apple,  Spotify, Pinterest and LinkedIn, however the newly released Infowars app has exploded in popularity over the past 48 hours, moving to the top of the charts.

The social media and tech giants in an apparently orchestrated act  purged Infowars content beginning Sunday night. YouTube (owned by Google) removed the entire Infowars and Alex Jones Show channel, which had millions of subscribers and thousands of videos, Facebook removed the entire Infowars page,  Spotify removed Infowars audio, Pininterest and LinkedIn removed all Infowars images and profiles and lastly and most importantly Apple  began the purge by removing all Alex Jones podcasts from iTunes( with the exception of The David Knight Show).

Twitter is the only major social media platform that has not banned Jones and Infowars.

Apple and Google however did not ban the newly issued Infowars app for Iphone and Android, which lets users  listen to the newest editions of Alex Jones and other talk show hosts and browse the latest News.

Amazingly the app. has shot up to become the #3 app  for news, beating out main stream media outlets like CNN  on Apple;  and #49 (higher than the E-bay app and LinkedIn)  over-all out of hundreds and thousands of apps. On Google Infowars became #5 overall for news and #66 overall.

Infowars was banned from these platforms for alleged “hate speech” and some of the remarks made regarding the Sandy Hook massacre.  Initially after the shootings, Alex Jones said in his opinion that the shootings “were staged” and orchestrated to gin up support for strong gun control. Several months later Jones changed his views on this and admitted the shootings and deaths were real.

The “hate speech”sited was actually  several videos and commentary  highlighting violent acts by Somalian Muslim migrants in European nations.

It should be noted that Infowars  for over a decade has bashed both former president Bush and Obama and is generally not Republican or Democrat leaning, however Mr.Jones in 2016,  backed Trump for president, and this endorsement many feel was instrumental in getting Trump elected, due to the large nature of Infowars reach and non-traditional, independent leaning audience whom Jones influenced.

One can speculate whether it was the content of Infowars or the Trump support which resulted in this targeting and purging by the largest internet & social media groups in the world.

In  recent developments, since the exploding in popularity of the Infowars app. various CNN hosts and writers are trying to lobby Apple and Google to remove the app. as well.

CNN does not like competition evidently.





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