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Upstate Monroe NY May Get Another Chasidic Village



The soon-to-be all-Chasidic Town of Palm Tree is getting closer to becoming a reality as the date it will become official is fast approaching, but that may not be the only exciting development to watch. Monroe in upstate New York may in fact get another Chasidic town to complement the Town of Palm Tree when it comes to fruition. The excitement came as a result of a petition filed that would try creating another independent village for the petitioners. The petitioners want to have more control over the town and its developments, Vos Iz Neias News reports.

The Town of Monroe received the petition last week as reported by the Times Herald Record.

The Village of Seven Springs, as it would be called if the petition succeeds, would be a 1.7 square-mile jurisdiction that falls on both sides of highway NY-17. VIN News added that areas that already exist and the northern part of town’s unincorporated land are up at play in this scenario too for the proposed town.

The Harriman Commons Shopping Center and a nearby condominium complex, both of which would have likely opposed the formation of Seven Springs, as well as 23 acres of recently annexed parkland that cannot become part of any new village, were all excluded from the petition.

If created, Seven Springs would be larger than Kiryas Joel and the Town of Palm Tree.

State law requires a minimum of 500 residents to create a new village. According to the petition which was signed 116 voters, 597 men, women and children reside within Seven Springs’ proposed boundaries.

Monroe Town Supervision Tony Cardone must certify the petition, which would then trigger a referendum that would need a majority of votes in the affirmative to make the village happen. Some other details would still need to be worked out.

Cardone wasn’t too excited about the petition because he worries that the Town of Monroe could face issues in the wake of this push and the eventual creation of the jurisdiction. He is already making some offers, like zoning changes, as an incentive to drop the petition.

The United Monroe citizen’s group does not back the petition because it believes the Town of Palm Tree should suffice in adequately placating the Chasidic community and the rest of Monroe’s residents.

The group described the move as “a small group of wealthy landowners who wish to skirt local zoning laws to disrupt these accomplishments for profit,” because they think simpler methods like working with the town board would be better.

Attorney Steven Barshov represents the petitioners and echoed their sentiments about how they are fighting for more freedom in the way they want to operate their community.

“I think that they felt they were a community and wanted to be able to come together as a community,” Barshov said.

By: Robert Farias



  1. Tom

    08/11/2018 at 3:50 pm

    Totally unfair to the true American way of life – they lived in the cult-like community whereby women have no rights, yet for breeding the corruption, that is self-serving, which continues to grow. I believe the Christian should form villages based upon their church affiliation and forbid marriage and we can continue to destroy America Dream. I suggest the Village of Sacred Heart Church, St. Anastasia Church, St. Paul’s Church just to name a few.

  2. Dick Hertz

    08/12/2018 at 2:11 pm

    Satmar Hasids are the biggest collection of a$$holes & misfits on the planet. Bottom feeders and leeches, all of them

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