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Tales of Bill & Sue Gross’ Divorce–Fake Picassos & Dead Fish Spell Revenge



Buying million dollar properties to enrage each other, fake Picassos, and dumping dead fish inside an air vent are just a few tactics a bitterly divorced billionaire pair are involved with in order to take revenge against one another, the NY Post reported.

Bill Gross, founder — the Pacific Investment Management Co. — and built a fortune valued at over $1.5 billion estimated by Forbes, and his ex- wife Sue are engaging in revenge tactics that sound like a work of fiction, except they aren’t .

From 1985 until 2016 they lived a fairy tale like life luxury in New York and in the exclusive Laguna Beach, Calif., enclave of Irvine Cove, until Sue filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Bill lived in the couple’s Irvine Cove compound alone until they finalized the divorce in October of 2017. Part of the settlement included Sue gaining the Laguna Beach property, forcing Mr. Gross out.

The property is estimated at $36 million, according to the NY Post. It was left a complete mess and in total disarray. Sue claims, Bill Gross left behind putrid smelling bottles, filled with smells of vomit and human flatulence. Dead fish were also left in the air vents, causing a horrific smell of death.

Le Repos, the famous Picasso painting which sold for $36 million recently, was copied so perfectly by Sue, that Mr Gross, actually thought she had left him the prized painting in the apartment, after he told her to take whatever art she wanted when she left the apartment. She had legal possession of the real Picasso, so essentially it was a prank.

The NY Post reported that the 2 are now fighting each other in a contest of who can buy the most lavish and expensive property. Sue forked over $37.8 million for pricey pads in Irvine Cove — just so he couldn’t get his hands on them, according to the NY Post. Mr. Gross has spent most of his career in NYC and his ex wife wanted to prevent him from spreading his roots into the exclusive area of Laguna Beach. However, he was able to buy a $36 million, 5,500-square-foot waterfront property — right across the street from Sue’s sister and brother-in-law as an act of spite.

“With his financial resources, Bill could choose to live practically anywhere in, however, he insists upon the very small community that I call home”, Sue said at a LA court filing.

She also claims Mr Gross hired an army of spies to watch everything she is doing in California.

A security company hired by Bill has been constantly monitoring Sue, her two sisters and her assistant — making their lives an “unmitigated nightmare,” she says in court documents reported on by the NY Post.

Bill Gross continues to have a rough year outside of the divorce. Janus Henderson Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, which Gross manages  has fallen in worth from $2,24 billion to $1.25  Billion, NY Post also reported.  The 7% drop for the year was partially due to a gamble the spread between US Treasurys and German bond rates would narrow ; meanwhile the saga of the Gross divorce is far from over and it continues to get more bizarre by the minute.

By Jared Evan

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1 Comment

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