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Sex Cult Consumed Life of Daughter of Bronfman Heiress; New Book Tells All



India Oxenberg, the 25 year old daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg’s life became controlled and destroyed by Nxivm, the sex cult of Keith Raniere and his right-hand woman, former “Smallville” star Allison Mack.

Catherine Oxenberg described what the cult did to her daughter to Page Six recently. India, had lost so much weight that she had stopped having periods, her hair was falling out and her entire life had become consumed by the supposed self help group, which was actually a sex-slave cult.

“A friend called to warn me that India was involved in a secret master-slave sorority in which women were put on a starvation diet and, in a secret ceremony, held down naked and branded on the pubic region with a searing-hot cauterizing iron — like cattle”, she told Page 6

She details it all in her new book called “Captive”.

“India … have you been branded?” Oxenberg recalls asking in the new book, which documents her efforts to extract her daughter from the upstate group. “I’ve been branded. But why is that a problem? It was a good experience for me,” Oxenberg remembers India replying.

At this point Catherine knew her daughter had been totally brainwashed.

Raniere and Mack were charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy for allegedly coercing women into joining a secretive master-slave society within Nxivm, where “slaves” were forced to pleasure Raniere, have his initials permanently branded onto their skin and perform free labor, The Jewish Voice reported in April

Clare Bronfman was part of an “inner circle” of loyalists who “committed a broad range of serious crimes from identity theft and obstruction of justice to sex trafficking, all to promote and protect Raniere and NXIVM, U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said in a statement after Bronfman was charged in a Brooklyn court in July with conspiracy charges.

In court documents detailing the government’s stance with respect to bail, the prosecution claimed that, “evidence obtained during the investigation has demonstrated that Bronfman went to significant lengths to compile information and threaten litigation against those she considered to be an enemy or critic of Raniere , TJV reported.

Bronfman, moved the headquarters of the shadowy group to Brooklyn to be closer to the group’s leader and guru Keith Raniere and his top aide, former “Smallville” actress Alison Mack, who have been charged with sex trafficking and arrested, TJV reported in April.

Prosecutors alleged that India was Mack’s “direct slave,” and had been forced to pose for nude photographs that were sent to Raniere as “collateral” to keep her in the group, according to Page Six.

Oxenberg’s book, “Captive:: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult”, just hit bookstores and serves as a guide for parents and loved ones to recognize and understand the dangers of cults.

By Artie Weinberger

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