Lame Excuses, Cory Booker !!

Senator Cory Booker was recently seen in a photo with anti-Israel activists from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights at last week’s Netroots Nation Conference

It would appear that controversial New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (D) can’t decide which side he is on in the ongoing debate about the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

As the Jewish Voice has reported, Senator Booker is dancing a fine line in terms of exactly where he stands on the issue. The senator was recently seen in a photo with anti-Israel activists from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights at last week’s Netroots Nation Conference. The event was described by a pro-Palestine group on Twitter. Undoubtedly, this image of him proudly holding a sign that says, “From Palestine to Mexico, All the Walls Have Got to Go” is not only a shot at the immigration policies of President Trump, but a pretty clear indicator that he opposes the wall that protects Israeli citizens from bloodthirsty Arab terrorists.

Instead of issuing an apology for this egregious slap in Israel’s face, the senator saw fit to send out his spokesperson to mop us the mess by making a series of excuses.

Speaking to JTA his spokesman said of the senator, “He didn’t have time to read the sign. From his cursory glance he thought it was talking about Mexico and didn’t realize it had anything to do with Israel.” No explanation was offered as to how Booker could wind up with the sign in the first place.

Conservative actor James Woods wasted no time criticizing the senator for his mistake.

“Well then, @CoryBooker, be sure to unlock your doors tonight,” Woods tweeted. “Walk it like you talk it.”

At one time in his political career, it seemed that through his association with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach had adopted a genuine pro-Israel posture and appeared to be a vocal advocate for Israel’s security.

Not so any longer. In 2016, when Booker released his memoir entitled, “United” it was reported at the time that Booker neglected to mention Boteach in the acknowledgments of the book, nor did he mention him in the book at all. Boteach, also called “America’s Rabbi” is known to have enjoyed an unusually close friendship with the senator for more than 20 years, since they met at Oxford University, where Booker was a Rhodes Scholar and Boteach headed the prestigious school’s L’chaim Society.

According to a February 2016 article in the Observer, “that friendship was critical to Mr. Booker’s advancement through the trenches of New Jersey politics as Jewish donors embraced his campaigns and provided the fuel for him to challenge the entrenched machine in Newark. Mr. Booker’s skillful deployments of Yiddishisms and Old Testament teachings before Jewish groups are eaten up like lox at the kiddush following a long service.”

Booker’s problems come at a time when other politicians have landed in hot water for comments critical of Israel or comments that are anti-Semitic, like Democratic candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain’s Labour Party. The Jewish Voice has reported on these ongoing developments.

Booker’s shift to the left in political posture will not bode well for him in future elections in a state that has a considerable Jewish population, nor is her doing anything to prop up the myth that Israel can expect bi-partisan support in Congress in the future.


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