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Israeli Air Force Appoints First Female Squadron Commander



Israeli Air Force Commander Maj Gen. Amikam Norkin appointed the first female commander of an IAF squadron Tuesday when he named Major G. to command Squadron 122, also known as the Nahshon Squadron.

G. (34), who will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, enlisted in the IAF in 2003, and upon completion of her flight course, served in various squadrons as a transport pilot. She later served in several commander positions in the IAF Flight School and later in Squadron 135. Between 2015 and 2017, she served as Deputy Commander of the Nahshon Squadron, which she will now return to command.

“I am happy for the appointment. It is a great privilege along with great responsibility,” said G, adding “The real work is yet to come. I’m proud to serve in the Air Force.”

In a related development, Hamas has confirmed Tuesday that two of its operatives were killed when an IDF tank shelled one of the terrorist organizations’ lookout posts in the northern Gaza Strip after an IDF border patrol came under fire.

“Israel is responsible for this current escalation,” Hamas said in a statement released on Tuesday, adding that it “very harshly views Israel’s attack” and “will not accept a situation in which Israel attacks outposts and fighters without paying a price.”

On Monday, Hamas held a special meeting between representatives of its military and political wings, in order to discuss the terror organization’s preparedness for a possible full scale conflict with Israel.

The meeting was held following a five hour long session by Israel’s Security Cabinet on Sunday evening, following which a statement was issued that “the IDF is prepared for any scenario in Gaza.”

IDF tanks responded to a cross-border shooting Tuesday by Palestinians in the northern section of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources said. The IDF Spokesman’s Unit said that no Israelis were wounded in the exchange and added that the IDF would continue to respond to any attempts to harm Israeli forces.

Two Palestinians were killed.

The incident was the third shooting attack in less than a month: On July 20 Staff Sgt. Aviv Levi was killed by Palestinian snipers during a routine border patrol; the following day there was a second shooting incident at an IDF jeep.

In addition, kite- and balloon-based arson attempts have become a daily occurrence, as have IDF operations to prevent them: The army has targeted kite squads every day for the past week.

Wednesday’s shooting incident also took place under the shadow of ongoing talks with Hamas, for a ceasefire with Israel and a reconciliation agreement with Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority.

By: Yona Schnitzer

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