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CBS’ Les Moonves Must Go!



Holy smokes! In this day of the Women’s Movement and the #MeToo crowd, the most dangerous guys seem to be actual male supporters of these radical groups. The most beloved and worshiped guys, members themselves of these mobs, have been whipped up and tossed like pureed veggies against the walls of shame as the anti-women predators they really were, are and probably always will be. The artsy males such as Matt Lauer, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Gerald(o) Rivera, Al Gore and a bucketload of other Hollywood/media Lefties have been exposed for their misuse of the weaker and who are, to most normal men, the more attractive sex.

And now we have Leslie Moonves, the chief of CBS, a network that is a formidable supporter of all things Progressive being accused of sexually harassing six women who had professional dealings with him going way back to the 1980’s to recently. These reports were printed in the New Yorker, whose male executives themselves, must be shaking in their boots about the many indiscretions they may be accused of going back 10, 20 years or maybe way back to their high school days. The statute of limitations for “alleged” abuses against women is comparable to that of murder. Guys who once may have had the girls swooning over them for jobs, promotions or for just the glamour of their company must now be walking with their collars turned up and glancing behind them for their own finger pointing “victims” to unmask them as perverts.

This stream of accusations against males followed by their usual admissions of guilt tinged with words of sorrow and remorse will go on for a time. But we’re wondering ….when will the women predators, those sitting in similar seats of power as the men now walking the accusational gangplank, be outed for their own sexual predations against men and women? Are we to believe that no gay female boss has hit on others of her own gender for sex? Or influential, straight women haven’t attacked men in sexual assaults? Give us a break! We don’t for a moment shrug off the evils that the aforementioned guys above committed. If their actions are prosecutable, go for it. If their behavior only results in their being shamed out from their positions of power, so be it. But let’s go for broke in this age of sexual harassment and treat all of these “criminals” in the same way. We don’t believe for a moment that it is only the male sexual predator that has to be shamed, outed and removed from power. We’re waiting for the #Savetheguys movement to start recruiting members and initiating their own inquisition.

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