The Kind Of Racism The NYT Supports

How come the New York Times fires one female  staffer for being racist and then replaces her with another woman who is openly….. racist? And how does the NYT distinguish what racism is? We’ve been through years of being lectured on what defines the “R” word by so many in that tabloid that it just oozes out of us. It’s the hatred for anyone based on his or her race and/or lately, even gender. So they say. Back in February they hired a woman, Quinn Norton, to be a lead editorial writer and within a day or two discovered she had sent out tweets attacking gay people. She was abruptly fired… no questions asked, no show trial or back and forth. Just gone!  So what does James Bennett the editor of the paper’s editorial page do, he hires, with great fanfare,  Sarah Jeong, born in South Korea and a Harvard trained lawyer, whom the mavens of the Times surely must have known was a hater of whites and especially the males of that race. Some of her tweets, easy enough to have been discovered by anyone serious enough to have concern about the background of a new employee include the following: “Dumbass fucking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.” And “White men are bullshit! “Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.” And, “White people have stopped breeding. You’ll all go extinct soon. This has been my plan all along.” Who knows, as time goes on and over the years as  this racist continues cashing her paycheck, we may learn that she also despises Jews?
But after the backlash of her hiring dies down and she settles in comfortably with the Progressive, Liberal atmosphere in the Times Tower, she stands little chance of being fired. Why? Because the paper’s management share her views on race, gender and that that  “White, male  supremists are the devils.”  But somehow not white guys like Bernie, Chuck or any in the Sulzberger clan. Their hiring goals are based on those theories. Their defense created probably by junior high schoolers is that Jeong’s tweets were in response to those (none that we know of) who hate her. Sort of, “You did it to me, so I’ll do it back to you.” Stupid for an adult to think this way but this is the NYT’s and their cohorts on the Left’s mentality. To these neo-Marxists they are facing off against oppressors and the oppressed cannot be at fault. Antifa, Muslim and Black Lives Matter groups can smash windows, burn universities and beat people, all as defensive measures, never of course, based on hatred. Just look how smoothly the NYT defends and supports the Palestinians and dismisses Israel as an oppressor and occupier. It’s time the NYT closed its doors and slipped quietly away to operate in First Amendment countries such as Russia, Cuba or perhaps Iran.

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  1. So sad to see this happening. What has happened to our kindness as a society? Are we destined to continue on this path of no accountability for our actions? Kindness matters, practice it everyday!

  2. You need to understand that Leftists are MISSIONARIES.

    They truly believe – BELIEVE with the same faith I have in G-d – that they can create a one-world Socialist Utopia.

    Never mind that it’s never happened. Never mind the 100+ million civilians in other attempts to create that goal. “This time it will be different”.

    Understanding that this is not a political philosophy, but a religious obsession, is key. It’s one reason that nobody to the right of Stalin can argue with them; they’re TEFLON INTELLECTS.


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